Author: Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky, Genre: Russia, Total Page: 711, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: UOM:39015029457259

This revised edition of a detailed one-volume history on Russia includes a new chapter on the Gorbachev years, from the initiation of glasnost and perestroika to the failed coup of August 1991, and an updated bibliography.

Author: Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky, Genre: History, Total Page: 658, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: 019064558X

A History of Russia covers the entire span of the country's history, from ancient times to the post-communist present. Keeping with the hallmark of the text, Riasanovsky and Steinberg examine all aspects of Russia's history—political, international, military, economic, social, and cultural—with a commitment to objectivity, fairness, and balance, and to reflecting recent research and new trends in scholarly interpretation.

Author: Vasiliĭ Osipovich Kl~inotuchevskiĭ, Genre: Soviet Union, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: OCLC:813700714

Author: Paul Bushkovitch, Genre: History, Total Page: , Publisher: Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 9781139504447

Accessible to students, tourists and general readers alike, this book provides a broad overview of Russian history since the ninth century. Paul Bushkovitch emphasizes the enormous changes in the understanding of Russian history resulting from the end of the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then, new material has come to light on the history of the Soviet era, providing new conceptions of Russia's pre-revolutionary past. The book traces not only the political history of Russia, but also developments in its literature, art and science. Bushkovitch describes well-known cultural figures, such as Chekhov, Tolstoy and Mendeleev, in their institutional and historical contexts. Though the 1917 revolution, the resulting Soviet system and the Cold War were a crucial part of Russian and world history, Bushkovitch presents earlier developments as more than just a prelude to Bolshevik power.

Author: Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky, Genre: Russia, Total Page: 762, Publisher: New York : Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0195021282

Widely acclaimed as the best one-volume survey text available, A History of Russia presents the whole span of Russia's history, from the origins of the Kievan state and the building of an empire, to Soviet Russia, the successor states, and beyond. Drawing on both primary sources and major interpretive works, this sixth edition updates its existing coverage of the social, economic, cultural, political and miliary events of Russia's past and includes a new chapter on the post-Gorbachev era as well as helpful updated biblipgraphies and reading source lists.Examining contemporary issues such as the rise of Yeltsin, the nationalities question, and Russia's attempts to market capitalism, this sixth edition takes the study of Russia straight into the new millennium, continuing A History of Russia's nearly forty-year track record as the leader in the field.

Author: Mary Platt Parmele, Genre: Russia, Total Page: 286, Publisher: , ISBN: MINN:31951001729872E

Author: Basil Dmytryshyn, Genre: Russia, Total Page: 676, Publisher: Prentice Hall, ISBN: UCAL:B4005685

Surveys main trends in the development of Russia from earliest times to the present as well as providing an analysis of Russian political, economic, and social institutions

Author: Geoffrey A. Hosking, Genre: History, Total Page: 776, Publisher: Harvard University Press, ISBN: 0674004736

Chronicles the history of the Russian Empire from the Mongol Invasion, through the Bolshevik Revolution, to the aftereffects of the Cold War.

Author: Kees Boterbloem, Genre: History, Total Page: 365, Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield, ISBN: 9780742568402

This clear and focused text provides an introduction to imperial Russian and Soviet history from the crowning of Mikhail Romanov in 1613 to Vladimir Putin’s new term. Through a consistent chronological narrative, Kees Boterbloem considers the political, military, economic, social, religious, and cultural developments and crucial turning points that led Russia from an exotic backwater to superpower stature in the twentieth century. The only text designed and written specifically for a one-semester course on this four-hundred-year period, it will appeal to all readers interested in learning more about the history of the people who have inhabited one-sixth of the earth’s landmass for centuries.

Author: William Leatherbarrow, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: , Publisher: Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 9781139487191

The history of ideas has played a central role in Russia's political and social history. Understanding its intellectual tradition and the way the intelligentsia have shaped the nation is crucial to understanding the Russia of today. This history examines important intellectual and cultural currents (the Enlightenment, nationalism, nihilism, and religious revival) and key themes (conceptions of the West and East, the common people, and attitudes to capitalism and natural science) in Russian intellectual history. Concentrating on the Golden Age of Russian thought in the mid-nineteenth century, the contributors also look back to its eighteenth-century origins in the flowering of culture following the reign of Peter the Great, and forward to the continuing vitality of Russia's classical intellectual tradition in the Soviet and post-Soviet eras. With brief biographical details of over fifty key thinkers and an extensive bibliography, this book provides a fresh, comprehensive overview of Russian intellectual history.