Author: Mary Oliver, Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines, Total Page: 148, Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, ISBN: 0156724006

Offers advice on reading and writing poetry, and discusses imitation, sound, the line, poem forms, free verse, diction, imagery, revision, and workshops

Author: John Lennard, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: 448, Publisher: OUP Oxford, ISBN: 9780191608377

The Poetry Handbook is a lucid and entertaining guide to the poet's craft, and an invaluable introduction to practical criticism for students. Chapters on each element of poetry, from metre to gender, offer a wide-ranging general account, and end by looking at two or three poems from a small group (including works by Donne, Elizabeth Bishop, Geoffrey Hill, and Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott), to build up sustained analytical readings. Thorough and compact, with notes and quotations supplemented by detailed reference to the Norton Anthology of Poetry and a companion website with texts, links, and further discussion, The Poetry Handbook is indispensable for all school and undergraduate students of English. A final chapter addresses examinations of all kinds, and sample essays by undergraduates are posted on the website. Critical and scholarly terms are italicised and clearly explained, both in the text and in a complete glossary; the volume also includes suggestions for further reading. The first edition, widely praised by teachers and students, showed how the pleasures of poetry are heightened by rigorous understanding and made that understanding readily available. This second edition — revised, expanded, updated, and supported by a new companion website - confirm The Poetry Handbook as the best guide to poetry available in English.

Author: Mary Oliver, Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines, Total Page: 212, Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, ISBN: 039585086X

An introduction to the sound, rhyme, meter, and scansion of metrical poetry with examples from the Elizabethan Age to Elizabeth Bishop

Author: Babette Deutsch, Genre: , Total Page: 203, Publisher: , ISBN: OCLC:1131452809

Author: Greta Barclay Lipson, Genre: , Total Page: 116, Publisher: Lorenz Educational Press, ISBN: 9780787784522

37 different poetic forms (complete with definitions, examples, guidelines, and a place for students to write their own) show the power of language and how to use it! Written by a master teacher, author, educator, and poet, this is the how-to poetry book ??????

Author: Alice B. Fogel, Genre: Poetry, Total Page: 189, Publisher: , ISBN: 0980167256

Poetry. Reference. Criticism. Poet, educator, and Poetry Foundation bestseller Alice B. Fogel has written the perfect book for those who feel uncomfortable with reading poetry. Divided into eight "steps," this "handbook" looks at such topics as shape, words, sound, images, and emotion. Fogel illustrates each step from her own poetry. "Great advice, good humor, excellent examples . . . and not textbooky. Playful and accessible, the continuing point that you don't have to 'get' poems to get them will ease a lot of minds. This is an important and mysterious subject-the reading of poetry. I learned a lot. Painlessly"--Rebecca Rule. The book is an essential resource for individuals, reading groups, teachers--even friends and families of poets who want to feel more comfortable with poetry.

Author: Susan G. Wooldridge, Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines, Total Page: 226, Publisher: Crown, ISBN: 9780609800980

Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge is a poet and teacher who conducts workshops privately, as well as in the California Poets in the Schools program. Her exuberant, critically acclaimed teaching guide takes instructors, writers, and general readers into the very heart and intensity of life and the craft of expressing what one feels through the written word.

Author: Mary Oliver, Genre: Poetry, Total Page: 96, Publisher: Beacon Press, ISBN: 9780807095393

This collection of poems by Mary Oliver once again invites the reader to step across the threshold of ordinary life into a world of natural and spiritual luminosity. Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? —Mary Oliver, "The Summer Day" (one of the poems in this volume) Winner of a 1991 Christopher Award Winner of the 1991 Boston Globe Lawrence L. Winship Book Award

Author: Lewis Turco, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: 356, Publisher: UPNE, ISBN: 1584650222

Companion to the Book of Literary Terms, an indispensable handbook, revised and updated for today's users.

Author: Ron Padgett, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: 256, Publisher: , ISBN: STANFORD:36105110176000

A reference guide to various forms of poetry with entries arranged in alphabetical order. Each entry defines the form and gives its history, examples, and suggestions for usage.