Author: Michael Schaller, Genre: United States, Total Page: , Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: 0197518915

American Horizons is the only U.S. History survey text that presents the traditional narrative in a global context. The seven-author team uses the frequent movement of people, goods, and ideas into, out of, and within America's borders as a framework. This unique approach provides a fully integrated global perspective that seamlessly contextualizes American events within the wider world. The authors, all acclaimed scholars in their specialties, use their individual strengths to provide students with a balanced and inclusive account of U.S. history. Presented in two volumes for maximum flexibility, American Horizons illustrates the relevance of U.S. history to American students by centering on the matrix of issues that dominate their lives. These touchstone themes include population movements and growth, the evolving definition of citizenship, cultural change and continuity, people's relationship to and impact upon the environment, political and ideological contests and their consequences, and Americans' five centuries of engagement with regional, national, and global institutions, forces, and events. In addition, this beautifully designed, full-color book features hundreds of photos and images and more than one hundred maps. American Horizons contains ample pedagogy, including: * America in the World, visual guides to the key interactions between America and the world * Global Passages, which feature unique stories connecting America to the world * Visual Reviews providing post-reading summaries to help students to connect key themes or events within a chapter * Maps and Infographics that explore essential themes in new ways

Author: Don Stephen Rice, Genre: History, Total Page: 384, Publisher: Dumbarton Oaks, ISBN: 0884022072

Author: Keith F. Davis, Genre: Photography, Total Page: 119, Publisher: Hudson Hills, ISBN: 9781555952303

This revealing monograph explores how Sinsabaugh's wide format photographs expose the bond between humankind and the earth as suggested by his images of wide horizons, interspersed by skyscrapers, bridges, silos and highways. 96 colour & 200 b/w illustrations

Author: Steven Soter, Genre: Science, Total Page: 253, Publisher: , ISBN: 1565846028

Leading scientists offer a collection of essays that furnish illuminating explanations of recent discoveries in modern astrophysics--from the Big Bang to black holes--the possibility of life on other worlds, and the emerging technologies that make such research possible, accompanied by incisive profiles of such key figures as Carl Sagan and Georges Lemaetre. Original.

Author: Alan Stern, Genre: Science, Total Page: 320, Publisher: Picador, ISBN: 9781250098986

Called "spellbinding" (Scientific American) and "thrilling...a future classic of popular science" (PW), the up close, inside story of the greatest space exploration project of our time, New Horizons’ mission to Pluto, as shared with David Grinspoon by mission leader Alan Stern and other key players. On July 14, 2015, something amazing happened. More than 3 billion miles from Earth, a small NASA spacecraft called New Horizons screamed past Pluto at more than 32,000 miles per hour, focusing its instruments on the long mysterious icy worlds of the Pluto system, and then, just as quickly, continued on its journey out into the beyond. Nothing like this has occurred in a generation—a raw exploration of new worlds unparalleled since NASA’s Voyager missions to Uranus and Neptune—and nothing quite like it is planned to happen ever again. The photos that New Horizons sent back to Earth graced the front pages of newspapers on all 7 continents, and NASA’s website for the mission received more than 2 billion hits in the days surrounding the flyby. At a time when so many think that our most historic achievements are in the past, the most distant planetary exploration ever attempted not only succeeded in 2015 but made history and captured the world’s imagination. How did this happen? Chasing New Horizons is the story of the men and women behind this amazing mission: of their decades-long commitment and persistence; of the political fights within and outside of NASA; of the sheer human ingenuity it took to design, build, and fly the mission; and of the plans for New Horizons’ next encounter, 1 billion miles past Pluto in 2019. Told from the insider’s perspective of mission leader Dr. Alan Stern and others on New Horizons, and including two stunning 16-page full-color inserts of images, Chasing New Horizons is a riveting account of scientific discovery, and of how much we humans can achieve when people focused on a dream work together toward their incredible goal.

Author: Michael Schaller, Genre: United States, Total Page: 160, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: 0197531261

"A higher education primary source book to accompany American Horizons: U.S. History in a Global Context, fourth edition."--

Author: William R. Handley, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: 388, Publisher: U of Nebraska Press, ISBN: 080325976X

In no other region of the United States has the notion of authenticity played such an important yet elusive role as it has in the West. Though pervasive in literature,øpopular culture, and history, assumptions about western authenticity have not received adequate critical attention. Given the ongoing economic and social transformations in this vast region, the persistent nostalgia and desire for the ?real? authentic West suggest regional and national identities at odds with themselves. True West explores the concept of authenticity as it is used to invent, test, advertise, and read the West. The fifteen essays collected here apply contemporary critical and cultural theory to western literary history, Native American literature and identities, the visual West, and the imagining of place. Ranging geographically from the Canadian Prairies to Buena Park?s Entertainment Corridor in Southern California, and chronologically from early tourist narratives to contemporary environmental writing, True West challenges many assumptions we make about western writing and opens the door to an important new chapter in western literary history and cultural criticism.

Author: Henry Fairfield Osborn, Genre: Briquets (Fuel), Total Page: 138, Publisher: , ISBN: STANFORD:36105019731590

The USGS tested coal from the Pocahontas and New River coalfields, West Virginia/Virginia (used by Atlantic seaboard industrial plants, the U.S. Navy and the merchant marine), to determine the best methods of using it economically.

Author: Michael Schaller, Genre: History, Total Page: 160, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: 0190698047

A two-volume primary source collection, expertly edited by the authors of American Horizons, provides a diverse set of documents that situate U.S. History within a global context. Covering political, social, and cultural history, the nearly 200 selections--including many visual documents--will spark discussion in the classroom and give students a deeper understanding of America's history. Reading American Horizons includes solid pedagogy to make the documents more accessible to students.

Author: Steven Rybin, Genre: Performing Arts, Total Page: 316, Publisher: State University of New York Press, ISBN: 9781438449821

A range of approaches to the director's life and work. The director of such classic Hollywood films as In a Lonely Place, Johnny Guitar, and Rebel Without a Cause, Nicholas Ray nevertheless remained on the margins of the American studio system throughout his career, and despite his cult status among auteurist critics and cinephiles, he has also remained at the margins of film scholarship. Lonely Places, Dangerous Ground offers twenty new essays by international film historians and critics that explore the director’s place in the history of the Hollywood industry and in the larger institution of cinema, as well as a 1977 interview with Ray that has never before been published in its entirety in English. In addition to readings of Ray’s most celebrated films, the book provides a range of approaches to his life and work, engaging new questions of his cinematic authorship with areas that include history and culture, politics and society, gender and sexuality, style and genre, performance, technology, and popular music. The collection also looks at Ray’s lesser-known and underappreciated films, and devotes attention to the highly experimental We Can’t Go Home Again, his recently restored final film made in the 1970s with his students at Binghamton University, State University of New York. Rediscovering what Ray means to contemporary film studies, the essays show how his films continue to possess a vital power for film history and criticism, and for film culture. Steven Rybin is Assistant Professor of Film at Georgia Gwinnett College. He is the author of Michael Mann: Crime Auteur; Terrence Malick and the Thought of Film; and The Cinema of Michael Mann. Will Scheibel is a PhD candidate in film and media studies at Indiana University Bloomington.