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Opera singer Franziska Goldmann has fallen on hard times, but a chance encounter with Queen Victoria’s musically inclined second son seems to offer Franziska an opportunity to resume her career as a singer. But it is the other unpredictable characters in her life, including her German anarchist lover and a devious procurer, who may ultimately determine her destiny. The haunting story of a lone woman’s struggle to escape her fate, this story unfolds against the ironically observed background of colonial society, from the waterfront brothels to the mansions of the rich.

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Organic Chemistry, Volume 2: Bridged Aromatic Compounds covers the research studies on cyclophane chemistry, bridged ferrocenes, and other similar compounds. This volume contains 10 chapters. The first five chapters describe the nomenclature, synthesis, reactions, chemistry, and dissymmetry of bridged aromatic compounds. The subsequent four chapters discuss the application of selected analytical methods to delineate the chemistry of these compounds, including UV and infrared absorption spectroscopy, X-ray methods, and nuclear and electron magnetic resonance. The last chapter provides tabulations of the more common physical properties reported for bridged aromatic compounds. Organic chemists and researchers and undergraduate and graduate organic chemistry students will greatly appreciate this book.

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