Author: Palmira Brummett, Genre: History, Total Page: 1072, Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, ISBN: 0321236270

/*0321317777, Brummett, Civilization Past and Present, Volume C: 11e*/The authors of the Eleventh Edition of Civilization Past and Present-specialists in Islamic, African, Asian, Ancient, Russian, and East European history-weave the diverse trends of world history into a clear and accessible analysis for today's students. Civilization Past and Present, well known in the marketplace as a highly readable survey text, delivers a strong narrative of world history and a level of detail that is manageable for students and solid for instructors. Using images and documents that enhance the text's content, the narrative traces connections across cultures and introduces intriguing avenues of historical interpretation. The text examines all aspects of world history-social, political, economic, religious, cultural, and geographic.

Author: Thomas Walter Wallbank, Genre: Civilization, Total Page: 560, Publisher: , ISBN: 067315078X

Author: Debi Prasad Chattopadhyaya, Genre: India, Total Page: 1240, Publisher: Pearson Education India, ISBN: 8131728188

Author: Jean Kerisel, Genre: Technology & Engineering, Total Page: 184, Publisher: CRC Press, ISBN: 9781000443851

The Pharoahs were masters of the Nile: they had a detailed understanding of the ways of the river. Modern Egyptians see themselves as heirs to this tradition, and as owners of the Nile waters. In the 1960's, Egypt decided to protect its increasingly-populated Nile valley from the ravages of annual flooding by building a dam. A relatively small dam in the valley of Nubia, in the region of Tushka, would have enabled the excess floodwaters to safely be diverted towards the fossil valley of the pre-Nile. However, it was decided to select a site near Aswan, making it necessary to inundate more than 250km of river valley. Over the years, this strategy has been revealed to have been faulty, and numerous irrigation schemes in upriver countries have progressively reduced the amount of water descending into Egypt. The dire warning of the 14th century oracle appears to be prophetic: "the water of the river in my country will be stopped from reaching yours, which I shall cause to die of thirst..."

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The Wiley Blackwell Anthology of African American Literature is a comprehensive collection of poems, short stories, novellas, novels, plays, autobiographies, and essays authored by African Americans from the eighteenth century until the present. Evenly divided into two volumes, it is also the first such anthology to be conceived and published for both classroom and online education in the new millennium. Reflects the current scholarly and pedagogic structure of African American literary studies Selects literary texts according to extensive research on classroom adoptions, scholarship, and the expert opinions of leading professors Organizes literary texts according to more appropriate periods of literary history, dividing them into seven sections that accurately depict intellectual, cultural, and political movements Includes more reprints of entire works and longer selections of major works than any other anthology of its kind This second volume contains a comprehensive collection of texts authored by African Americans from the 1920s to the present The two volumes of this landmark anthology can also be bought as a set, at over 20% savings.

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