Author: Janet Chapman, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 352, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9781416506898

Janet Chapman returns to the breathtaking Maine coast in Seductive Impostor the second novel featuring two passionate sisters . . . and the men who have what it takes to love them. Willow Foster is committed to protecting Maine’s precious coastline. She’s equally committed to avoiding her one-time fling, Duncan Ross, the rugged Scotsman who’s got her hometown believing she’s the love of his life. But when Willow goes home to uncover the mystery behind a worrisome lobster catch, she learns that pub owner Duncan holds some mysteries of his own . . . and that taking a chance with her heart might open her life up to passion beyond her wildest dreams.

Author: Katie Reus, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 185, Publisher: KR Press, LLC, ISBN: 9781942447511

She thought she was finally safe… After two years of running Tegan O’Kelly could finally stop when the deadly gangster after her died. Eight months ago she put down roots in sunny Miami. For the first time in years she has friends, a job she likes and she can think about the future, not just surviving to the next day. When her car is bombed in broad daylight, she decides to stand her ground instead of running from her faceless enemy. But a deadly enemy has her in his crosshairs… Single father Aaron Fitzpatrick knew Tegan was trouble from the moment he laid eyes on her. Sexy trouble wrapped up in a petite, dynamite package he fantasizes about kissing far too often. So far he’s been able to keep his distance, but when he witnesses her car explode—with her close by—something protective erupts inside him. After his wife left him and their son five years ago, he’s stayed away from relationships and women, but he can’t keep his distance from Tegan. It’s clear she’s in danger and the more he learns about her, the more he knows he has to stand beside her and fight the danger hunting her. Red Stone Security Series, #14 Author note: As all books in the Red Stone Security series, this book can be read as a stand-alone.

Author: Olivia Purely, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 262, Publisher: Olivia Purley, ISBN:

What happens when a dangerous man becomes the protector? Regan Fox is a quiet, withdrawn man, fresh out of prison. He killed a man and was sentenced for manslaughter. Regan did it and would do it again in a heartbeat, should the situation rise again. His new temporary home is in the heart of the city, and to get away from his squalid dwellings, he takes refuge in a local bakery. Needing somewhere to live and a job, the last place he expected to find support was at the bakery. Kelly Wallis gives him a chance. Regan recognises the fear in her eyes, having seen the glazed look on another woman. Something draws him to look after Kelly, taking care of all her needs. But one night, someone comes knocking that jeopardises his parole. Regan is torn between protecting Kelly or protecting his future.

Author: Katie Reus, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 300, Publisher: KR Press, LLC, ISBN: 9781942447931

He walked away once; he won't do it again. Wolf shifter Aldric Kazan is no stranger to pain. Since the loss of his mate a century ago, he won't allow himself to fall for someone again—not even the feisty female who stirs things in him that he thought were gone long ago. But as a supernatural investigator, he's forced to team up with the same woman he vowed to stay away from. She let him in once; she refuses to do it again. Natalia Cordona refuses to back down from any challenge—even if it means joining forces with Aldric, the sexy and brooding man who won't get too close. Locating missing vampires before a volatile war breaks out seems nearly impossible as the duo struggle with their explosive and undeniable attraction. Now it's up to Natalia and Aldric to trust each other to stop an all-out war from breaking out that would destroy the harmony they've all worked so hard for. Author note: Though part of the Moon Shifter series, this book can be read as a stand-alone. Books in the Moon Shifter Series: Alpha Instinct, #1 Lover’s Instinct, #1.5 (novella) Primal Possession, #2 Mating Instinct, #3 His Untamed Desire, #3.5 (novella) Avenger’s Heat, #4 Hunter Reborn, #5 Protective Instinct, #5.5 (novella) Dark Protector, #6 A Mate for Christmas, #6.5 (novella, final story in series)

Author: Katie Reus, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 300, Publisher: Katie Reus, ISBN: 9781635561944

He’s a former thief. Dimitri’s world is turned upside down when he meets Zamira. The sweet single mom knows nothing about who he used to be. He should stay away, because he’s the last thing she needs in her life. But when she’s targeted by a threat from her past, he can’t keep his distance any longer. She’s been burned before. Zamira is a widow raising her twins with the help of her big family. After a devastating betrayal by her deceased husband, dating hasn’t been on her radar in years—until she meets a man who makes her feel alive again. But before she can think about taking the next step with him, a deadly secret threatens to rip her world apart. She knows she can’t handle things alone, yet when Dimitri steps in she realizes he has secrets too. He’s more dangerous than anyone she’s ever met. And the biggest threat he poses is to her heart. Author note: each book in the Red Stone Security series may be read as a stand-alone.

Author: Katie Reus, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 350, Publisher: Katie Reus, ISBN: 9781635561401

Even as he fights for their future… With the world still rebuilding after massive dragon attacks, famous singer Star isn’t willing to rely on a stranger to protect her family—though dragon shifter Lachlan is difficult to resist. Something about him is strangely familiar, but she doesn’t understand why. He’s already helped Star rescue her sister from a recent abduction, but trust doesn’t come easy when his kind has nearly hunted her race to extinction. When her sister’s kidnapper launches another violent attack, Star has no choice but to accept Lachlan’s aid. But no matter that he’s stepped up to protect her, she’ll never allow the ancient Scottish dragon into her heart. They’re bound by the past. Lachlan lost the woman he was meant to mate millennia ago. Unable to live in a world without her, his pain drove him to hibernation. He never thought he would move on—until Star. He’s well aware the feisty shifter is his new destiny, so if tailing her to New Orleans is what he has to do to be near her, then so be it. When Star is attacked, Lachlan resolves to protect her at all costs. And he won’t have to do it alone. It will take Lachlan, his clansmen, and Star’s misfit band of friends to rain fiery vengeance down upon their enemy if she and her sister are to ever be truly free. Only then can he claim her and discover the shocking truth that lies buried in their past. FIRST IN NEW SERIES

Author: Margaret Daley, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 197, Publisher: Margaret Daley, ISBN:

Loner, Michael Rutledge, is all too familiar with violence, intrigue and betrayal. Wherever he goes, danger and suspense follow. On vacation in Hawaii, Michael meets Mei Li, his complete opposite. She creates beauty and tranquility in the gardens she tends. Mei Li Vandenburg is drawn to Michael, a man she senses is troubled and looking for peace. But could the quiet island life hold him in one place when he was used to moving from one location to the next? Would the menacing threat that drew Michael and Mei Li closer end in a wrenching twist of violence? Could two people so different find common ground?

Author: Margaret Daley, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 191, Publisher: Margaret Daley, ISBN:

Reading about danger never prepared Samantha Prince for the desperate phone call from her brother in Brazil that sent her from the safety of her New Orleans bookstore into the rugged, inhospitable Amazon in search of him and a hidden treasure. And reading about romance never prepared Samantha to resist the mysterious appeal of Brock Slader, a guide she hired to help her in her quest. Alone with Brock in an alien world of orchids and anacondas, primitive headhunters and very up-to-date gunmen, she struggles to keep their relationship strictly business. Will Samantha survive the dangers in the jungle only to have her heart broken by a man who lives on the edge—no strings attached?

Author: Margaret Daley, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 199, Publisher: Margaret Daley, ISBN:

Christmas in Austria School teacher and single mother, Anna Stanfield, has her dream come true when she wins a trip to Austria to ski in the Alps. She doesn’t think her vacation can get any better until she meets a mysterious man, Mark Prince, in Salzburg. But when she discovers she is trapped in his chalet, everything changes. Anna finds it hard to resist Mark’s charm, but she doesn’t know who to trust. Is Mark friend or foe?

Author: Mary Cowden- Clarke, Genre: , Total Page: 878, Publisher: , ISBN: BSB:BSB10749964