Author: , Genre: , Total Page: 69, Publisher: once upon discovering you, ISBN:

Author: Discovering You Anderson, Genre: , Total Page: 144, Publisher: OS Press, ISBN: 1641843527

Discovering You is a practical daily guide to restoring your body, finding your true self, and expressing your youth forever, the original you that first entered this world when you were born. This book is for anyone who believes they do not belong under the bell curves of today's "health normals," and for those people who don't follow the world's conventional wisdom about aging. Discovering You is about uncovering the essence of your true self. That part of you that is full of joy, energy, and life. That part of you that does not fade away. Discover and become the you that you were created to be.

Author: Brenda Novak, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 384, Publisher: HarperCollins UK, ISBN: 9781474055628

Author: Thich Nhat Hanh, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 162, Publisher: Shambhala Publications, ISBN: 9781590309834

Cut through the busyness and anxieties of daily life to discover the simple happiness of living in the present moment, as taught by a world-renowned Zen monk In this book, Thich Nhat Hanh—Zen monk, author, and meditation master—distills the essence of Buddhist thought and practice, emphasizing the power of mindfulness to transform our lives. But true mindfulness, Hanh explains, is not an escape. It is being in the present moment, totally alive and free. Based on a retreat that Thich Nhat Hanh led for Westerners, You Are Here offers a range of effective practices for cultivating mindfulness and staying in the present moment—including awareness of breathing and walking, deep listening, and skillful speech. These teachings will empower you to witness the wonder of life and transform your suffering, both within and outside you, into compassion, tenderness, and peace. As Thich Nhat Hanh declares, “the energy of mindfulness is the energy of the Buddha, and it can be produced by anybody.” It is as simple as breathing in and breathing out.

Author: Peter Wohlleben, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 84, Publisher: Greystone Books Ltd, ISBN: 9781771644358

Based on the New York Times bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees, this interactive, illustrated book for ages 8-10 introduces kids to the forest through outdoor activities, quizzes, fun facts, photographs, and more! Discover the secret life of trees with this nature and science book for kids: Can You Hear the Trees Talking? shares the mysteries and magic of the forest with young readers, revealing what trees feel, how they communicate, and the ways trees take care of their families. The author of The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben, tells kids about the forest internet, aphids who keep ants as pets, nature’s water filters, and more fascinating things that happen under the canopy. Featuring simple activities kids can try on their own or with parents, along with quizzes, photographs, and more, Can You Hear the Trees Talking? covers a range of amazing topics including: : How trees talk to each other (hint: through the wood wide web!) Why trees are important in the city How trees make us healthy and strong How trees get sick, and how we can help them get better This engaging and visually stunning book encourages at-home learning and fun as kids discover the wonder of the natural world outside their windows. "Lush full-color photos and pictures create an immersive experience and the layout facilitates engaged, delighted learning. ...this book may prompt frequent family visits to, and a new appreciation for, neighborhood trees and local forests.” —Washington Parent

Author: Thomas Moore, Genre: Self-Help, Total Page: 210, Publisher: Harmony, ISBN: 9780767922531

A job is never just a job. It is always connected to a deep and invisible process of finding meaning in life through work. In Thomas Moore’s groundbreaking book Care of the Soul, he wrote of “the great malady of the twentieth century…the loss of soul.” That bestselling work taught readers ways to cultivate depth, genuineness, and soulfulness in their everyday lives, and became a beloved classic. Now, in A Life’s Work, Moore turns to an aspect of our lives that looms large in our self-regard, an aspect by which we may even define ourselves—our work. The workplace, Moore knows, is a laboratory where matters of soul are worked out. A Life’s Work is about finding the right job, yes, and it is also about uncovering and becoming the person you were meant to be. Moore reveals the quest to find a life’s work in all its depth and mystery. All jobs, large and small, long-term and temporary, he writes, contribute to your life’s work. A particular job may be important because of the emotional rewards it offers or for the money. But beneath the surface, your labors are shaping your destiny for better or worse. If you ignore the deeper issues, you may not know the nature of your calling, and if you don’t do work that connects with your deep soul, you may always be dissatisfied, not only in your choice of work but in all other areas of life. Moore explores the often difficult process—the obstacles, blocks, and hardships of our own making—that we go through on our way to discovering our purpose, and reveals the joy that is our reward. He teaches us patience, models the necessary powers of reflection, and gives us the courage to keep going. A Life’s Work is a beautiful rumination, realistic and poignant, and a comforting and exhilarating guide to one of life’s biggest dilemmas and one of its greatest opportunities.

Author: Liz Thorpe, Genre: Cooking, Total Page: 416, Publisher: Flatiron Books, ISBN: 9781250063465

EXPLORE THE WORLD OF CHEESE BY ASKING YOURSELF ONE SIMPLE QUESTION: WHAT CHEESES DO I ALREADY LOVE? This is the first book of its kind to be organized not by country, milk type, or any other technical classification. The Book of Cheese maps the world of cheese using nine familiar favorites, what author Liz Thorpe calls the Gateway Cheeses. From basics like Swiss, blue, and cheddar, Liz leads the way to more adventurous types. Love Brie? Liz shows you how to find other Brie-like cheeses, from the mild Moses Sleeper to the pungent Fromage de Meaux. Her revolutionary approach allows food lovers to focus on what they really care about: finding more cheeses to enjoy. Complete with flavor and aroma wheels, charts guiding you through different intensities and availabilities, and gorgeous photography, this is the only book on cheese you will ever need.

Author: Howard Falco, Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit, Total Page: 352, Publisher: Penguin, ISBN: 9781101442678

"I AM is a fascinating, in-depth and eye-opening look at the very essence of how each of our lives are created in every moment." - Hale Dwoskin, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Sedona Method and featured teacher in The Secret For centuries humankind has been asking fervent questions about the meaning of life. As Howard Falco learned, the answers to these questions can ultimately be found in the answer to just one: "Who am I?" In late 2002, in the middle of an ordinary life, Falco-a thirty- five-year-old investment manager with a wife and two children-sought the answer to this powerful question and remarkably this quest resulted in a sudden and all-encompassing shift in his awareness that revealed more about life and how we each create it than he ever imagined knowing. Startled by this new understanding and its implications for his own life and the lives of all others, Falco set out to share his discoveries. The stunning result is this book. I AM takes readers on a life-changing journey in which they will discover the incredible power they have over their experience of life, finding that the doorway to eternal peace, happiness, and fulfillment lies in one of the shortest sentences in the written word but the most powerful in the universe: I AM.

Author: Kerry J Grinkmeyer, Genre: , Total Page: 244, Publisher: , ISBN: 9798644344659

Find Happiness by Discovering Who Are You/ Why You are You, written by Kerry Grinkmeyer explains how the author, in retirement, searched for the ten most important days in his life which formed his character. "These ten days would determine how I would react to every situation, encounter, and relationship that I would have in my 75 years. Knowing why I am who I am has empowered me to evict the unwanted roommate that used to live in my head and feed my mind with negative speak. I've replaced him with my biggest fan, supporter and partner in all of my endeavors." Kerry offers his story as a path that you can follow, then armed with the understanding of Who You Are, Kerry hopes that you can find your passion and happiness. "I wake every morning at 6:00 am and my roommate and I explore the possibilities of the day, he challenges me to reach for higher highs. Kerry has used this discovery to find his live passion as a creator. He now, at age 75, is a YouTube creator sharing his knowledge and experience with a growing audience, "I'm in a race against time to get 1 million subscribers on my YouTube channel."

Author: John K. Osoinach, Jr., Genre: Education, Total Page: 199, Publisher: American Mathematical Soc., ISBN: 9781470464424

Discovering Abstract Algebra takes an Inquiry-Based Learning approach to the subject, leading students to discover for themselves its main themes and techniques. Concepts are introduced conversationally through extensive examples and student investigation before being formally defined. Students will develop skills in carefully making statements and writing proofs, while they simultaneously build a sense of ownership over the ideas and results. The book has been extensively tested and reinforced at points of common student misunderstanding or confusion, and includes a wealth of exercises at a variety of levels. The contents were deliberately organized to follow the recommendations of the MAA's 2015 Curriculum Guide. The book is ideal for a one- or two-semester course in abstract algebra, and will prepare students well for graduate-level study in algebra.