Author: Suzanne Humphries, Genre: History, Total Page: 502, Publisher: CreateSpace, ISBN: 1480216895

Starting in the mid-1800s, there was a steady drop in deaths from all infectious diseases, decreasing to relatively minor levels by the early 1900s. The history of that transformation involves famine, poverty, filth, lost cures, eugenicist doctrine, individual freedoms versus state might, protests and arrests over vaccine refusal, and much more. But the authors shows that vaccines, antibiotics, and other medical interventions are not responsible for the increase in lifespan and the decline in mortality from infectious diseases.

Author: Suzanne Humphries, Genre: , Total Page: 416, Publisher: , ISBN: 0692648186

Did you know that 400 medical doctors commit suicide each year in the USA? That is about the size of two whole medical school classes. This autobiography tells the intricate and personal story one doctor's path through medical school and out into academia, specialty medicine, and practice, having to conform to the system's standards. Like many doctors, she was on the way to becoming one of the walking dead. Then, one day she realized that policy was harming her patients, and she took a stand. This resulted in hostility and ostracism by the authorities and her peers in the system. In 2011, depressed and deflated, life was difficult in all directions . . . until she found peace through an unexpected path and a new friend. The co-author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History brings you her entertaining autobiography, which will surprise you and have you wondering if your own doctor could be inadvertently threatening your health.

Author: Everest Media,, Genre: History, Total Page: , Publisher: Everest Media LLC, ISBN: 9781669358541

Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 The filters we apply to the past can make it seem like the 1800s was a time of elegance and romance, when in reality, it was a time of long hours spent doing menial labor for little pay. #2 The underbelly of Western culture in the 1800s to the 1900s was never discussed in terms of the medical issues and diseases that afflicted that era. However, those were the most important aspects of susceptibility and spread of illness.

Author: David R. Hawkins, M.D./Ph.D., Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit, Total Page: , Publisher: Hay House, Inc, ISBN: 9781401931162

How does one traverse the spiritual landscape to move beyond suffering to experience the peace and love of God, to dissolve illusion and realize the state of enlightenment? In this collection of inspiring passages from David R. Hawkins’s work, the reader is reminded of the illusory nature of the personal self (identification of the ego/mind) and the direct pathways to dissolve the ego/mind’s trappings. This pocket edition is designed especially for today’s spiritual student on the go, to inspire contemplation and reflection during a break at work, while hiking in the woods, during a quiet coffee-shop moment, on an airplane, with a partner—in whatever environment one finds oneself. Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self is a reliable companion on the aspirant’s quest toward higher truth.

Author: Bruce Hood, Genre: Psychology, Total Page: 368, Publisher: Oxford University Press, ISBN: 9780199969890

Most of us believe that we are unique and coherent individuals, but are we? The idea of a "self" has existed ever since humans began to live in groups and become sociable. Those who embrace the self as an individual in the West, or a member of the group in the East, feel fulfilled and purposeful. This experience seems incredibly real but a wealth of recent scientific evidence reveals that this notion of the independent, coherent self is an illusion - it is not what it seems. Reality as we perceive it is not something that objectively exists, but something that our brains construct from moment to moment, interpreting, summarizing, and substituting information along the way. Like a science fiction movie, we are living in a matrix that is our mind. In The Self Illusion, Dr. Bruce Hood reveals how the self emerges during childhood and how the architecture of the developing brain enables us to become social animals dependent on each other. He explains that self is the product of our relationships and interactions with others, and it exists only in our brains. The author argues, however, that though the self is an illusion, it is one that humans cannot live without. But things are changing as our technology develops and shapes society. The social bonds and relationships that used to take time and effort to form are now undergoing a revolution as we start to put our self online. Social networking activities such as blogging, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter threaten to change the way we behave. Social networking is fast becoming socialization on steroids. The speed and ease at which we can form alliances and relationships is outstripping the same selection processes that shaped our self prior to the internet era. This book ventures into unchartered territory to explain how the idea of the self will never be the same again in the online social world.

Author: Lawrence Ferber, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 190, Publisher: Lethe Press, ISBN: 9781590213230

Based on the award-winning feature-length movie, Bear City: The Novel follows the funny, romantic, and often dramatic adventures of a tight-knit pack of bears, cubs, and friends in New York City as they gear up for a big party weekend. A hirsute Sex and the City set in the "Bear" scene, this story brings together these men, their friends, tricks, and lovers, and a cast of colorful, hirsute characters. They experience comical mishaps, lusty and romantic encounters, and an impressive variety of male body types. Using satire and humor, the novel exposes their explores these men¿s self-image issues and pokes fun at aspects of urban gay lifestyles, all while celebrating the worldwide community of men who call themselves Bears.

Author: Janine Roberts, Genre: Medical, Total Page: 291, Publisher: , ISBN: 0955917727

This is the story of a ten-year investigative journey into a reckless and contaminated medical industry. The author takes her readers on a journey into the very heart of the hunt for viruses - to the key experiments that were performed to prove that these invisibly small particles cause diseases that often were previously blamed on toxins or bacteria. It sheds light on the extraordinary assumptions underlying much of this research into viruses - and the resulting vaccines and antiviral medicines.

Author: Robert Feiner, Genre: , Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: 0998914800

Jake and Austin are twins. Jake has Down syndrome while Austin is typical. On their birthday, they play with their toys but a whimsical tree wants to play too. It also happens to be her birthday.

Author: K. Martindale, Genre: , Total Page: 200, Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN: 1534826440

An emotional story about a man coming to terms with his past, pressing forward with life, and learning to love again. Four years after the death of his boyfriend, Alex has become an empty shell of his old self. Numb and indifferent, he has allowed his life to spin out of control. But, when an old, familiar face begins at Alex's workplace, he is suddenly confronted by his traumatic past and withdraws from life entirely, attempting to block out the horrors he has so long tried to forget-then, he meets Kit, and life is never the same again. A random night, a random bar-that's how it began. But when Alex drunkenly confesses everything he's bottled up for years to the stranger, his life changes. Kit helps him get back on his feet, embrace and accept his past, forgive himself, and take charge of his life once more. As Alex reclaims his life, he begins to feel something that he hasn't felt in years-happiness. Reader Advisory: This Erotic Gay Romance contains adult themes.

Author: Paul Yurkin, Genre: , Total Page: 316, Publisher: CreateSpace, ISBN: 1514180278

Paul "Chuck Norris" Yurkin has never been one to give up. A product of the inner city projects, he pulled himself up by the bootstraps and enlisted in the Marine Corps-serving proudly in Desert Storm before beginning a fifteen-year career with the Myrtle Beach police force. But when he saw the efforts of his policing failing to create any positive change, it wasn't long before Yurkin became jaded by the system as a whole. Seeking a new life for himself and his daughters, he met up with a private contracting firm and began training for a trip to sunny Afghanistan, where he would work on training the fledgling Afghan National Police. In the midst of two weeks of training in Virginia, he earned the nickname that would stick with him for years to come-and met three best friends that remained by his side through dangerous missions, misadventures, and the frustrations of being stationed abroad. In Memoirs of a Security Contractor, Yurkin tells the true story of his time as a security contractor in Afghanistan in candid detail-in an eye-opening tale of determination, friendship, and never giving up.