Author: Keith Badman, Genre: Music, Total Page: 612, Publisher: Omnibus Press, ISBN: 9780857121028

This book compiles more outrageous opinions and unrehearsed interviews from the former Beatles and the people who surrounded them. Keith Badman unearths a treasury of Beatles sound bites and points-of-view, taken from the post break up years. Includes insights from Yoko Ono, Linda McCartney, Barbara Bach and many more.

Author: Spencer G. Lucas, Genre: , Total Page: 284, Publisher: New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, ISBN:

Author: Luca Veste (Editor), Genre: , Total Page: 365, Publisher:, ISBN: 9781291093674

Author: Donna Rona, Genre: , Total Page: 163, Publisher:, ISBN: 9781435743052

A health journal is a valuable tool. But where do you start? What is important to record? Will you remember to record the same things day after day - or next week?This easy to use journal provides a set of basic forms to keep you on track from the first day. There is plenty of space for personal notes, and personalization. Ideally, you should work with your health care professionals to determine what information is needed in your situation. Record your food intake, daily activities, water, etc. along with how you feel and any changes in your symptoms. Discover your triggers and cycles. Finally you will have the basic keys to understanding what makes you sick and when - or why you become fatigued at certain hours! Become your own best advocate in pursuing health and healing.

Author: K. A. Linde, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 341, Publisher: Montlake Romance, ISBN: 1477825908

With Congressman Brady Maxwell up for reelection and journalist Liz Dougherty about to graduate into a promising career, the ambitious couple's future is brighter than ever. But when Brady holds a press conference to officially introduce Liz as his girlfriend, reporters hungry for a scandal bombard her. With her every move under a vicious magnifying glass, the passionate bond between the congressman and the journalist gets tested at every stop. Liz and Brady may be setting off fireworks along the campaign trail, but can their love transcend politics as usual?

Author: Alan Blyth, Genre: Music, Total Page: 304, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0521027985

This second volume of Song on Record covers the repertory of song not included in Lieder. It contains chapters on the major French composers, on Russian, Scandinavian, Spanish, English, and American song, on Bartok and Janacek, and Britten, and ends with a final chapter entitiled Encores.

Author: Disney•Pixar Cars, Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Total Page: 32, Publisher: Reader's Digest, ISBN: 0794421849

Kids will love hearing their parents read this story to them, and the built-in microphone and speaker lets parents record the story in their own voice for kids to play back and enjoy countless times. The lovable heroes of Cars 2, Lightning McQueen and his new pit boss Mater are on the road as they compete in a 24-hour ‘Race of Champions,’ that takes them to Tokyo, Italy, and England. But when Mater gets involved in a case of mistaken identity and saves the life of a British secret agent sports car named Finn McMissile, he and McQueen find themselves in a fast-paced comical adventure full of spy story hijacks that as well as action-packed racing scenes. Kids will love hearing their parents read the story to them, and the built-in microphone and speaker let parents record the story in their own voice. Kids can play back the recording and enjoy countless re-tellings of this heartwarming story. With a simple recording device and speaker that sits in the storybook, Disney Pixar Cars 2 Best Friends Record-A-Book is so easy to use! An adult can record the story, and when a child plays back the recording he can hear the story and follow along in the book. As the child grows, he can learn to record the book himself. Perfect for everyday play, Disney Pixar Cars 2 Best Friends Record-A-Book is sure to make a great gift. How to record the story on your Record-A-Book: Please read all instructions prior to starting your recording. · Move the switch on the side of the recording device to record mode. · Press and hold the button until you hear “Record One.” Release button immediately. · Press, but do not hold, the button again. When you hear a beep, begin reading the text indicated with a 1, located on the inside front cover. · Press, but do not hold, the button again when you are done reading the first section. You will hear a beep. This indicates the recording has stopped. · Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all sections are recorded. · Move the switch to play mode. If you make a mistake, please refer to the full instructions located on the inside back cover of your book.

Author: Spencer G. Lucas, Genre: Nature, Total Page: 394, Publisher: New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, ISBN:

Author: Lee Winter, Genre: , Total Page: 318, Publisher: , ISBN: 3963245344

Rival reporters team up for the story of their careers in this lesbian romantic suspense filled with humor, twists, and one fierce ice queen. Ambitious Daily Sentinel journalist Lauren King is chafing on LA's vapid social circuit, reporting on glam, A-list parties while sparring with her rival-the formidable, icy Catherine Ayers. Ayers is an ex-Washington DC political correspondent who suffered a humiliating fall from grace, and her acerbic tongue keeps everyone at bay. Everyone, that is, except knockabout Iowa girl King, who is undaunted, unimpressed and gives as good as she gets. One night a curious story unfolds before their eyes: One business launch, 34 prostitutes and a pallet of missing pink champagne. What on earth does it mean? King and Ayers join forces but they might find a lot more than just a passion for news on the dusty road to Nevada.

Author: Gramophone Shop (New York, N.Y.), Genre: Music, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: STANFORD:36105011414518