Author: Kathleen Winsor, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 976, Publisher: Chicago Review Press, ISBN: 9781613745144

Abandoned pregnant and penniless on the teeming streets of London, 16-year-old Amber St. Clare manages, by using her wits, beauty, and courage, to climb to the highest position a woman could achieve in Restoration England—that of favorite mistress of the Merry Monarch, Charles II. From whores and highwaymen to courtiers and noblemen, from events such as the Great Plague and the Fire of London to the intimate passions of ordinary—and extraordinary—men and women, Amber experiences it all. But throughout her trials and escapades, she remains, in her heart, true to the one man she really loves, the one man she can never have. Frequently compared to Gone with the Wind, Forever Amber is the other great historical romance, outselling every other American novel of the 1940s—despite being banned in Boston for its sheer sexiness. A book to read and reread, this edition brings back to print an unforgettable romance and a timeless masterpiece.

Author: Paula Danziger, Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Total Page: 101, Publisher: Little Apple, ISBN: 0590947257

Amber's life has changed dramatically--her parents are divorced, her father lives in France, her best friend has moved to another state, and now her mother must decide whether to remarry.

Author: K.J Dixon, Genre: Sports & Recreation, Total Page: 288, Publisher:, ISBN: 9781326803780

When Katy's pony, Amber, is diagnosed with a fractured splint bone and a cracked cannon bone, Katy feels as though the worst has happened. In reality the worst is yet to come. A decline in condition along with being attacked by several life threatening illnesses leads to Amber's future hanging in the balance. Katy is faced with a decision to either let her go or fight for her. "Why has this happened to you?" I asked her desperate for some sort of answer. Her small head was bowed low and her bottom lip trembled. This wasn't her; it didn't feel as though she was still alive. Her body was here but her mind and spirit were gone. How could I possibly make this decision? The facts and my head said to put her down, but right now the facts weren't good enough and my heart felt that she deserved more. Katy has the best possible support team behind her to fight for Amber's life. This then begs the question can they do it? Will Amber live?

Author: Gary A. Smith, Genre: Performing Arts, Total Page: 206, Publisher: BearManor Media, ISBN:

One of the most popular and controversial novels of the twentieth century was Forever Amber. In 1944, author Kathleen Winsor submitted multiple drafts to MacMillan, but when her story of Restoration England and the sexual exploits of beautiful Amber St. Clare was finally released, more than half of her composition had been edited out. Despite the excisions, many reviewers admired the story’s relevance, comparing Amber's fortitude during a plague and fire to that of the women who held hearth and home together through the blitzes of World War II. Others condemned the book, including the Catholic Church, for its blatant sexual references and perceived indecency. Fourteen U.S. states even banned the book as pornography. Despite the bans, Forever Amber sold over 100,000 copies in the first week of release and went on to sell over 3 million copies. Within a month after publication, the movie rights had been purchased by 20th Century Fox, despite the Hays Office having condemned the novel. To pacify them and other watchdogs, substantial changes were made to the script by Jerome Cady, Philip Dunne, and Ring Lardner, Jr. Production began but ran into immediate problems. Actress Peggy Cummins, originally cast as Amber, proved to be too inexperienced for the role, and she was replaced by Linda Darnell. Director John M. Stahl was also replaced after thirty-nine days of filming and more than $300,000 of production expenses. Otto Preminger took the director position, and the film proceeded, eventually costing nearly $4.5 million. The romantic Tehnicolor film co-tarred Cornel Wilde, Richard Greene, George Sanders, Dolores Hart, and Broadway veteran Jessica Tandy. Author Gary A. Smith sheds new light on the much maligned movie version of the bestselling novel and shows how misguided censorship can ultimately damage artistic expression. This research work also features glimpses into behind-the-scenes casting, costuming, and an appraisal of David Raksins original score. 206 pages. Illustrated with many rare photographs, including set photos from several cut scenes. Also includes many contemporary film reviews.

Author: Kathleen Winsor, Genre: Great Britain, Total Page: 972, Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited (UK), ISBN: 0141009829

A book to read and reread, this reissue brings back to print an unforgettable romance and a timeless masterpiece.Abandoned pregnant and penniless on the teeming streets of London, sixteen-year-old Amber St. Clare uses her wits, beauty and courage to climb to the highest position a woman could achieve in Restoration England - that of favourite mistress of the Merry Monarch himself, Charles II. From whores and highwaymen to courtiers and noblemen, from the Great Plague and the Fire of London to the intimate passions of ordinary - and extraordinary - men and women, Amber experiences it all. But throughout her trials and escapades, she remains, in her heart, true to the one man she really loves, the one man she can never have ...

Author: Amber Kelley, Genre: Young Adult Nonfiction, Total Page: 208, Publisher: Running Press Kids, ISBN: 9780762463862

"Amber's beautiful book is bursting with great ideas that make healthy eating a joy-and she's done a great job covering all the bases that, in my experience, teens and kids really want." -Jamie Oliver Fifteen-year-old Amber Kelley is inspiring a whole new generation of eaters to get in the kitchen and have fun. She is the first winner of Food Network Star Kids, a member of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's Food Tube family, and the host of her own web series on A href="" and YouTube. Her work has been recognized by First Lady Michelle Obama, and Amber has been featured on national TV networks such as the Disney Channel, E!, and NBC's Today. Now, Amber's 80 most popular and delicious recipes have been hand-picked for her cookbook to empower teens to get in the kitchen. From nourishing breakfasts to start the day right, to school lunches to impress your friends, party ideas for every occasion, and even recipes for the best homemade facial scrubs to fight that dreaded teen acne, Amber shares her secrets for using the power of food to get the best out of her teen years. Includes 45 full-color photographs throughout.

Author: Amber Daulton, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 59, Publisher: Daulton Publishing, ISBN:

A perfect Christmas wedding, a snowstorm, and a shocking secret. What could go wrong? Susanna Lorican must marry the man she loves before the truth is discovered—or face the gossip of the ton. With an unexpected snowstorm injuring the minister, her future hangs in the balance. Viscount Camden Beckinworth vows to keep his bride safe, even if he must betray her confidence. When their love is put to the test, how will he uphold her honor without jeopardizing his own? – Warning: this sweet, complete historical romance novella features a brief scene where the heroine is assaulted. – Second edition. Newly revised and edited.

Author: Lisa Moore, Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Total Page: 256, Publisher: Groundwood Books Ltd, ISBN: 9781554988730

A spellbinding story about chasing love, fighting family, losing friends and starting all over again, from the internationally acclaimed Lisa Moore. Sixteen-year-old Flannery Malone has it bad. She’s been in love with Tyrone O’Rourke since the days she still believed in Santa Claus. But Tyrone has grown from a dorky kid into an outlaw graffiti artist, the rebel-with-a-cause of Flannery’s dreams, literally too cool for school. Which is a problem, since he and Flannery are partners for the entrepreneurship class that she needs to graduate. And Tyrone’s vanishing act may have darker causes than she realizes. Tyrone isn’t Flannery’s only problem. Her mother, Miranda, can’t pay the heating bills, let alone buy Flannery’s biology book. Her little brother, Felix, is careening out of control. And her best-friend-since-forever, Amber, has fallen for a guy who is making her forget all about the things she’s always cared most about — Flannery included — leading Amber down a dark and dangerous path of her own. When Flannery decides to make a love potion for her entrepreneurship project, rumors that it actually works go viral, and she suddenly has a hot commodity on her hands. But a series of shattering events makes her realize that real-life love is far more potent — and potentially damaging — than any fairy-tale prescription. Written in Lisa Moore’s exuberant and inimitable style, Flannery is by turns heartbreaking and hilarious, empowering and harrowing — often all on the same page. It is a novel whose spell no reader will be able to resist.

Author: Amber Ruffin, Genre: Humor, Total Page: 227, Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, ISBN: 9781538719343

*A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER AND INDIE NEXT PICK* Writer and performer on Late Night with Seth Meyers Amber Ruffin writes with her sister Lacey Lamar with humor and heart to share absurd anecdotes about everyday experiences of racism. Now a writer and performer on Late Night with Seth Meyers and host of The Amber Ruffin Show, Amber Ruffin lives in New York, where she is no one's First Black Friend and everyone is, as she puts it, "stark raving normal." But Amber's sister Lacey? She's still living in their home state of Nebraska, and trust us, you'll never believe what happened to Lacey. From racist donut shops to strangers putting their whole hand in her hair, from being mistaken for a prostitute to being mistaken for Harriet Tubman, Lacey is a lightning rod for hilariously ridiculous yet all-too-real anecdotes. She's the perfect mix of polite, beautiful, petite, and Black that apparently makes people think "I can say whatever I want to this woman." And now, Amber and Lacey share these entertainingly horrifying stories through their laugh-out-loud sisterly banter. Painfully relatable or shockingly eye-opening (depending on how often you have personally been followed by security at department stores), this book tackles modern-day racism with the perfect balance of levity and gravity.

Author: Philip Pullman, Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Total Page: 561, Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, ISBN: 9780375846731

Lyra and Will find themselves at the center of a battle between the forces of the Authority and those gathered by Lyra's father, Lord Asriel.