Author: Eric Foner, Genre: History, Total Page: 23, Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company, ISBN: 9780393283167

Give Me Liberty! is the #1 book in the U.S. history survey course because it works in the classroom. A single-author text by a leader in the field, Give Me Liberty! delivers an authoritative, accessible, concise, and integrated American history. Updated with powerful new scholarship on borderlands and the West, the Fifth Edition brings new interactive History Skills Tutorials and Norton InQuizitive for History, the award-winning adaptive quizzing tool.

Author: Eric Foner, Genre: History, Total Page: 696, Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated, ISBN: 0393932567

Concise, clear, compact, Eric Foner s brilliant synthesis of American history is the perfect teaching tool for the U.S. survey course."

Author: Foner, Eric, Genre: History, Total Page: 13, Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company, ISBN: 9780393418224

A powerful text by an acclaimed historian, Give Me Liberty! delivers an authoritative, concise, and integrated American history. In the Sixth Edition, Eric Foner addresses a question that has motivated, divided, and stirred passionate debates: ÒWho is an American?Ó With new coverage of issues of inclusion and exclusionÑreinforced by new primary source features in the text and a new secondary source tutorial onlineÑGive Me Liberty! strengthens studentsÕ most important historical thinking skills. The Seagull Edition offers the complete text of the Full Edition in full color and a portable trim size with fewer illustrations and maps and an exceptionally low price.

Author: Eric Foner, Genre: History, Total Page: 640, Publisher: W. W. Norton, ISBN: 0393920348

The leading text in a brief, full-color edition. Clear, concise, integrated, and up-to-date, Give Me Liberty! is a proven success with teachers and students. Eric Foner pulls the pieces of the past together into a cohesive picture, using the theme of freedom throughout. The Brief Fourth Edition is streamlined and coherent, and features stronger coverage of American religion, a bright four-color design, and a reinforced pedagogical program aimed at fostering effective reading and study skills.

Author: Eric Foner, Genre: , Total Page: 1128, Publisher: , ISBN: 0393447456

Author: Richard Brookhiser, Genre: History, Total Page: 272, Publisher: Basic Books, ISBN: 9781541699120

An award-winning historian recounts the history of American liberty through the stories of thirteen essential documents Nationalism is inevitable: It supplies feelings of belonging, identity, and recognition. It binds us to our neighbors and tells us who we are. But increasingly -- from the United States to India, from Russia to Burma -- nationalism is being invoked for unworthy ends: to disdain minorities or to support despots. As a result, nationalism has become to many a dirty word. In Give Me Liberty, award-winning historian and biographer Richard Brookhiser offers up a truer and more inspiring story of American nationalism as it has evolved over four hundred years. He examines America's history through thirteen documents that made the United States a new country in a new world: a free country. We are what we are because of them; we stay true to what we are by staying true to them. Americans have always sought liberty, asked for it, fought for it; every victory has been the fulfillment of old hopes and promises. This is our nationalism, and we should be proud of it.

Author: Eric Foner, Genre: History, Total Page: 1148, Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated, ISBN: 0393920313

The leading text, in a compact, value edition.

Author: Eric Foner, Genre: History, Total Page: 282, Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated, ISBN: 039392503X

Edited by Eric Foner and coordinated with each chapter of the text, this companion to Give Me Liberty! includes primary-source documents touching on the theme of American freedom. The freedom theme is explored in the words of well-known historical figures and ordinary Americans. Each document is accompanied by an introductory headnote and study questions.

Author: Eric Foner, Genre: , Total Page: 640, Publisher: , ISBN: 0393616215

Author: L. M. Elliott, Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Total Page: 384, Publisher: Harper Collins, ISBN: 9780061891229

An exciting novel for tweens that captures the dawn of the American Revolution. Life is tough for thirteen-year-old Nathaniel Dunn, an indentured servant in colonial Virginia. Then in a twist of luck, he meets Basil, a kind schoolmaster, and an arrangement is struck lending Nathaniel's labor to a Williamsburg carriage maker. Basil introduces Nathaniel to music, books, and philosophies that open his mind to new attitudes about equality. The year is 1775, and as colonists voice their rage over England's taxation, Patrick Henry's words "give me liberty, or give me death" become the sounding call for action. Should Nathaniel and Basil join the fight? What is the meaning of "liberty" in a country reliant on indentured servants and slaves? Nathaniel must face the puzzling choices a dawning nation lays before him. “Filled with action, well-drawn characters, and a sympathetic understanding of many points of view.” —ALA Booklist