Author: Janet Evanovich, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 304, Publisher: St. Martin's Press, ISBN: 9781429971454

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and Trenton vice cop Joe Morelli join forces to find the madman killer who shot and barbecued the youngest son of international black-market arms dealer Alexander Ramos. Carlos Manoso, street name Ranger, is caught on video just minutes before the crime occurs. He's at the scene, he's with the victim, and he's the number-one suspect. Ranger is former special forces turned soldier of fortune. He has a blue-chip stock portfolio and no known address. He moves in mysterious circles. He's Stephanie's mentor--the man who taught her everything she knows about fugitive apprehension. And he's more than her friend. Now he's the hunted and Stephanie's the hunter, and it's time for her to test her skills against the master. But if she does catch him...what then? Can she bring herself to turn him in? Plus there are other things keeping Stephanie awake at night. Her maternal grandmother has set up housekeeping in Stephanie's apartment, a homicidal maniac has selected Stephanie as his next victim, her love life is in the toilet, she's adopted a dog with an eating disorder, and she can't button the top snap on her Levi's. Experience the world of Plum--in Janet Evanovich's new thriller. It's surreal, it's frenetic, it's incendiary. Hot Six. It's the best yet.

Author: Robert Wheeler Todd, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 230, Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, ISBN: 9781457564680

After fifty years went by, classmates come together at their high school reunion and recall the grand and stupid things during the time living in a small town in Southern California when World War Three was just about to burst open. Read the reflections of their lives back then and how they survived; how they feel now and what pulls them together again reminiscing in the year 2063. This is a story of six young people who all graduated from El Segundo High School in 2013. What is the secret that held these six together and what are the stories they share fifty years later at the reunion back in their alma mater? They were not really exceptional kids but they were not stupid either. Ignorance, and chance, plays a part in their life experiences but that was the way it was to be as it is in many of our lives. We never know what the future will bring… or do we? Let this story of their lives reflect on the lives of all of my readers. See if you can relate to this story in the ways with your own lives today. Is this story true? That is for the future to decide.

Author: Ahren Sanders, Genre: , Total Page: 366, Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN: 1544109873

They call me Sexy SixCocky? Absof*ckinglutelySexy? That's what they sayUnstoppable? You bet your assNFL Golden boy, Super Bowl MVP, and the league's hottest player-on and off the field. To most, I'm a celebrity, with the records to prove it.Fame, fortune, family... I've got it all.Except Grace Monroe.Two years ago, Grace turned my world upside down with just one look. I didn't stand a chance against the shy, southern beauty with the radiant violet eyes. Our intense connection was unlike any force I've ever faced. Then she disappeared, without a word, leaving me with nothing but questions, a handful of memories, and a lifetime of what-ifs.Now she's back, and so much more than the girl I once knew. Stunning, successful, and sexy as sin, she's my fantasy come true.One taste, one touch, one moan, and I'm addicted.Grace is the game changer I never saw coming. Everything I've ever wanted is finally within reach.Suddenly, I'm playing the most important game of my life... a game where losing isn't an option.Because this time... winning means forever.

Author: Janet Evanovich, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 576, Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks, ISBN: 1250620759

You can count on a double good time with Stephanie Plum novels in this two-in-one edition! HOT SIX Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, along with New Jersey’s hunkiest vice cop Joe Morelli, join forces in their latest madcap adventure that will put them in the path of a ruthless killer, a dog with an eating disorder, a curious hamster named Rex, and too many donuts to count. Anything can happen—and everything does—as Stephanie tries to apprehend a fugitive. . .and not end up dead in the process. SEVEN UP When Mobster Eddie DeChooch is caught trafficking contraband cigarettes, Stephanie Plum is tasked with dragging his decrepit derrière back to jail. Not so easy, it turns out, since DeChooch has friends in high places and isn’t afraid to use his gun. Mud wrestling, motorcycles, fast cars, fast food, fast men, and good ol’ Grandma Mazur—Stephanie’s up against it all with this case. Will she make it out alive? “Evanovich is funny and ceaselessy inventive.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

Author: Janet Evanovich, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 320, Publisher: St. Martin's Press, ISBN: 9781429971379

The #1 bestselling phenomenon continues in the eighth Stephanie Plum novel. The stakes get higher, the crimes get nastier, the chases get faster, and the men get hotter. This time Stephanie, Morelli, Ranger. Lula, Valerie, and Grandma Mazur are strapped in for the ride of their lives. Stephanie is hired to find a missing child. But things aren't always as they seem and Stephanie must determine if she's working for the right side of the law. Plus, there's the Morelli question: can a Jersey girl keep her head on straight when more than just bullets are aimed for her heart? And with the Plum and Morelli relationship looking rocky, is it time for Ranger to move in for the kill? Janet Evanovich's latest thriller proves that Hard Eight will never be enough.

Author: Janet Evanovich, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 800, Publisher: St. Martin's Press, ISBN: 1429993634

More Plums in One. The adventures continue for Stephanie Plum, Trenton's best-known bounty hunter, in these three Complete Plum Novels from #1 Bestselling Author Janet Evanovich! Four to Score: Stephanie Plum is forced to enlist the help of Grandma Mazur, ex-hooker and wannabe bounty hunter Lula, and transvestite rock musician Sally Sweet in an attempt to capture revenge-seeking waitress Maxine Nowicki. Threatening messages, murder, firebombs, and archnemesis Joyce Barnhardt pale in comparison to the greatest danger of all when, homeless and broke, Stephanie and her hamster, Rex, move in with vice cop Joe Morelli. High Five: Out of bail skippers and rent money, Stephanie throws caution to the wind and follows in the entrepreneurial bootsteps of Super Bounty Hunter Ranger, engaging in morally correct and marginally legal enterprises. Stephanie's problems escalate when homicidal rapist Benito Ramirez returns, her Uncle Fred disappears, a nasty bookie starts following her around town, and she has nothing to wear to the Mafia wedding. Hot Six: Stephanie Plum and Trenton vice cop Joe Morelli join forces to find the madman killer who shot and barbecued the youngest son of international black-market arms dealer Alexander Ramos. The man wanted for the crime is Carlos Manoso, street name Ranger. Minutes before the crime occurs, Ranger is caught on video, at the scene, with the victim. Bad enough Stephanie has to bring in the man who taught her everything she knows about fugitive apprehension, now her maternal grandmother has moved in and a dog with an eating disorder has adopted her. One unbeatable bestselling author. Three classic Stephanie Plum stories. Criminally original and stone brilliant, this Intermediate Bounty Hunting Survival Manual is blockbuster entertainment.

Author: Janet Evanovich, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 176, Publisher: St. Martin's Press, ISBN: 1429916206

Looking to get lucky? Stephanie Plum is back between-the-numbers and she's looking to get lucky in an Atlantic City hotel room, in a Winnebago, and with a brown-eyed stud who has stolen her heart. Stephanie Plum has a way of attracting danger, lunatics, oddballs, bad luck . . . and mystery men. And no one is more mysterious than the unmentionable Diesel. He's back and hot on the trail of a little man in green pants who's lost a giant bag of money. Problem is, the money isn't exactly lost. Stephanie's Grandma Mazur has found it, and like any good Jersey senior citizen, she's hightailed it in a Winnebago to Atlantic City and hit the slots. With Lula and Connie in tow, Stephanie attempts to bring Grandma home, but the luck of the Irish is rubbing off on everyone: Lula's found a job modeling plus-size lingerie. Connie's found a guy. Diesel's found Stephanie. And Stephanie has found herself in over her head with a caper involving thrice-stolen money, a racehorse, a car chase, and a bad case of hives. Plum Lucky is an all-you-can-eat buffet of thrills, chills, shrimp cocktail, plus-size underwear, and scorching hot men. It's a between-the-numbers treat no Evanovich fan will want to miss!

Author: Janet Evanovich, Genre: Bail bond agents, Total Page: 373, Publisher: A Stephanie Plum novel, ISBN: 0747267618

From the Foreword: This book is for all of us, because we all hunger to be more, to have more and to impact more. Paul J. Meyer has made it his life work to help people reach their full potential. That means a lot but what speaks even louder are the millions of voices who have been positively impacted by this man. Beginning at an early age, Paul began uncovering the gifts of life that we all are entitled to. He has come to see that you can lay claim to virtually anything we wish. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, says an ancient writer. Inside this book, you will find truths that will challenge you to reach higher than ever before. You will be motivated. You will be encouraged. You will be given a lot. And you will see that you too have a fortune to share.In 1960, after an impressively successful insurance career, Paul took what he learned as a master salesman, manager, leader and motivator of others and began a corporation dedicated to motivating people to their full potential. That flagship company has grown into numerous organizations worldwide that have almost three billion dollars in combined sales. Other areas of interest have also developed into businesses owned by Meyer and his family, including publishing, education, printing, finance, legal insurance, antique cars, auto racing, aviation, manufacturing, real estate and much more. His entrepreneurial expertise has propelled him and his family to investments in numerous companies and ownership of more than forty corporations throughout the world.As Pauls friend for more than 50 years, I have observed that the greatest contributing factor to his long-standing success is his attitude. He is telling it like it is in this book. His positive attitude, combined with his success habits and infinite thirst for knowledge, sets him apart from the typical businessperson. These traits have not only sustained him through the dramatic ups and downs frequently characterizing the risks and rewards of business ownership but they have also catapulted him to phenomenal success.Paul J. Meyers philosophy and attitudes have literally helped millions of people reach more of their full potential. The rewards earned by his achievements have been used by Meyer to help even more people. He accepts the abundance and responsibilities with the attitude of that of a steward. He views the riches of life as a trust and himself as the trustee. The beneficiaries of his inheritance are those who have used his writings to find purpose and success in their own lives. In addition, countless beneficiaries include individuals helped by one of the many foundations he and his family have established. As you read, you will see how Pauls conscious choice to feed his mind diligently and carefully with only the richest, most positive ideas available has created his indomitable attitude and his incredible fortune. And what he has gained, he generously shares with you.Inside this treasure book are valuable seeds of success. Plant these seeds in your own mind and soul and you will reap the happiness and success your Creator has designed you for when you seek it and work for it. Its yours, if you want it.Dr. W.M. Bill HinsonVice Chairman of Haggai Institute

Author: Janet Evanovich, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 320, Publisher: Penguin, ISBN: 9780399179235

Stephanie Plum faces the toughest puzzle of her career in the twenty-fifth entry in Janet Evanovich's #1 New York Times-bestselling series. There's nothing like a good deli, and the Red River Deli in Trenton is one of the best. World-famous for its pastrami, cole slaw, and for its disappearing managers. Over the last month, three have vanished from the face of the earth, and the only clue in each case is one shoe that's been left behind. The police are baffled. Lula is convinced that it's a case of alien abduction. Whatever it is, they'd better figure out what's going on before they lose their new manager, Ms. Stephanie Plum.

Author: Janet Evanovich, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 304, Publisher: St. Martin's Press, ISBN: 9781429971393

Out of bail skippers and rent money, Stephanie Plum throws caution to the wind and follows in the entrepreneurial bootsteps of Super Bounty Hunter, Ranger, engaging in morally correct and marginally legal enterprises. So, a scumball blows himself to smithereens on her first day of policing a crack house and the sheik she was chauffeuring stole the limo. But hey, nobody's perfect! Anyway, Stephanie has other things on her mind. Her mother wants her to find Uncle Fred who's missing after arguing with his garbage company; homicidal rapist Benito Ramirez is back, quoting scripture and stalking Stephanie; vice cop Joe Morelli has a box of condoms with Stephanie's name on it; and Stephanie's afraid Ranger has his finger on her trigger. The whole gang's here for mirth and mayhem in Janet Evanovich's High Five. Read at your own risk in public places.