Author: Theron Douglas Price, Genre: Agriculture, Prehistoric, Total Page: 534, Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages, ISBN: IND:30000061248989

This well illustrated, full-color, site-by-site survey of prehistory captures the popular interest, excitement, and visual splendor of archaeology as it provides insight into the research, interpretations, and theoretical themes in the field. The new edition maintains the authors' innovative solutions to two central problems of the course: first, the text continues to focus on about 80 sites, giving students less encyclopedic detail but essential coverage of the discoveries that have produced the major insights into prehistory; second, it continues to be organized into essays on sites and concepts, allowing professors complete flexibility in organizing their courses..

Author: Theron Douglas Price, Genre: Antiquities, Prehistoric, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: 1259920461

Author: Ransom Riggs, Genre: Art, Total Page: 384, Publisher: Harper Collins, ISBN: 9780062099501

With the candid quirkiness of Awkward Family Photos and the confessional intimacy of PostSecret, Ransom Riggs's Talking Pictures is a haunting collection of antique found photographs—with evocative inscriptions that bring these lost personal moments to life—from the author of the New York Times bestselling illustrated novel Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Each image in Talking Pictures reveals a singular, frozen moment in a person’s life, be it joyful, quiet, or steeped in sorrow. Yet the book’s unique depth comes from the writing accompanying each photo: as with the caption revealing how one seemingly random snapshot of a dancing couple captured the first dance of their 40-year marriage, each successive inscription shines like a flashbulb illuminating a photograph’s particular context and lighting up our connection to the past.

Author: Jeremy Black, Genre: History, Total Page: 282, Publisher: Yale University Press, ISBN: 0300086938

Explores the role, development, and nature of the atlas and discusses its impact on the presentation of the past.

Author: Francis Haskell, Genre: , Total Page: 568, Publisher: , ISBN: OCLC:1074079261

Author: Mark Metcalf, Genre: Photography, Total Page: 160, Publisher: Pen and Sword, ISBN: 9781526761378

A visual portrait of a British city and its people fighting to survive an era of industrial decline, captured by a steelworker-turned-photographer. The social, industrial, and economic changes imposed on the Sheffield area during the 1980s are captured with remarkable clarity in this volume featuring the work of steelworker-turned-photographer Martin Jenkinson. Like many northern England and Scottish cities during that decade, Sheffield went through troubled times, even as parts of southeast England, especially the City of London, boomed. The gap between north and south became a chasm. Jenkinson photographed people in their everyday lives at work and at play. However, where he particularly excelled was his work with the trade union and labor movement, in workplaces and on protests, demonstrations, and pickets. Some of the images in this book capture joy and laughter; some portray suffering. They provide a loud cry for social justice, a better world where unemployment is no more, poverty is swept away, and everyone, black and white, male and female, can enjoy a life where their talents are used for the collective improvement of all. In reflecting on the not-so-distant past, Jenkinson’s photographs are about a world we still must aim to obtain.

Author: Stacy Boldrick, Genre: Art, Total Page: 255, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781351547697

All cultures make, and break, images. Striking Images, Iconoclasms Past and Present explores how and why people have made and modified images and other cultural material from pre-history into the 21st century. With its impressive chronological sweep and disciplinary breadth, this is the first book about iconoclasm (the breaking of images) and the transformation of broader sets of signs that includes contributions from archaeologists, curators, and museum conservators as well as historians of art, literature and religious studies. The chapters examine themes critical to the study of iconoclasm: violence, punishment, memory, intentionality, ruins and relics and their survival. The conclusion shows how cross-disciplinary debate amongst the contributors informed Tate Britain?s 'Art under Attack' exhibition (2013) and addresses the challenges iconoclasm presents to the modern museum. By juxtaposing objects and places usually considered in isolation, Striking Images raises provocative questions about our understandings of cross-cultural differences and the value of representational objects from the broken swords of pre-historical bog graves to the Bamiyan Buddhas and contemporary art. Are any such objects ever ?finished?, or are they simply subject to constant transformation? In dialogue with each other, the essays consider this question and expand the field of iconoclasm - and cultural - studies.

Author: Kathleen Thompson, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 292, Publisher: Indiana University Press, ISBN: 025333635X

Examines the history of African American women through photographs, with sections focusing on family life, work, and class

Author: Donald A. Wilson, Genre: History, Total Page: 134, Publisher: Arcadia Publishing, ISBN: 0738505005

Maine has long been a well-known and frequently visited hunting region. Long ago, moose and caribou were abundant and as time passed, trappers have been able to earn a decent living pursuing choice and prized fur-bearing animals. Small game and waterfowl populations remained fairly stable over the years and have continued to increase in popularity. However, as large areas of habitat were cleared for timber, larger animals began to disappear and opulations dwindled. Trapping has since become a less favorable mode of producing income because of the low prices offered for native and raw fur. Maine's Hunting Past captures the pursuit of wild animals through a century of documentation. Since about 1850, animals have been taken for sport, for food, and for their hides. Hunting has long been not only a sport but also an industry, resulting in the increase and growth of sporting camps and an expanding number of guides. Maine's Hunting Past highlights favorite regions, featuring famous sporting camps and well-known guides. Big game, small game, upland birds, waterfowl, furbearers, and numerous photographs of trophy animals and large bag limits are all included.

Author: Carole MacDonald, Genre: History, Total Page: 143, Publisher: Nimbus Pub Limited, ISBN: 1551096897

**Updated in 2014** The history of Glace Bay is intimately linked with the development of its coal mines. In this historic series book, Carole MacDonald examines coal as the fuel used to build and maintain Glace Bay and its inhabitants. Poor working conditions, irregular employment, and companies set on increasing their profits at the expense of the miners are all documented. Historic Glace Bay also covers the lives of notable residents, housing, hospitals, churches, schools, transportation, sports, and the community's contribution to the arts.