Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 133, Publisher: Harper Collins, ISBN: 9780060608521

After his martyrdom at the hands of the Gestapo in 1945, Dietrich Bonhoeffer continued his witness in the hearts of Christians around the world. His Letters and Papers from Prison became a prized testimony to Christian faith and courage, read by thousands. Now in Life Together we have Pastor Bonhoeffer's experience of Christian community. This story of a unique fellowship in an underground seminary during the Nazi years reads like one of Paul's letters. It gives practical advice on how life together in Christ can be sustained in families and groups. The role of personal prayer, worship in common, everyday work, and Christian service is treated in simple, almost biblical, words. Life Together is bread for all who are hungry for the real life of Christian fellowship.

Author: Rob Suggs, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 68, Publisher: InterVarsity Press, ISBN: 0830830715

In this ten-session LifeGuide® Bible Study, Rob Suggs leads us to grow in community--in loving and nurturing one another, and in reflecting Christ's love to the world around us.

Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 93, Publisher: Fortress Press, ISBN: 1451406827

Bonhoeffer says spiritual care is a function of the congregation and that it is an aspect of the broader, more encompassing activity of proclamation. In Spiritual Care, we are confronted with the awesome truth that in speech God's presence is known and that speech is also our own; in silence God's presence is known and that silence is also our own. The text demands us to consider how the gospel message is brought to people in the midst of their personal lives, and his message and counsel use the tools given within the traditional life of the church so that such grace becomes enacted, enfleshed, and incarnate in the Christian community.

Author: Greg Forster, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 320, Publisher: Crossway, ISBN: 9781433538032

Can the church regain its cultural influence? The church in America is losing ground. Unfortunately, our efforts to reverse this trend often seem to do more harm than good. In Joy for the World, Greg Forster explains how the church lost its culture-shaping voice and what Christians can do to turn things around. This book teaches us that the key to cultural transformation is something that we might not expect: explosive, Spirit-produced joy in God and his gospel.

Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 98, Publisher: Broadleaf Books , ISBN: 9781506483580

Jesus died with a psalm on his lips. For millennia, humans have been shaped by the Psalms. And before the Nazis banned him from publishing, German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer published this book on the Psalms. What comfort is found in the Psalter? What praise, and what challenge? What threat? In the pages of Psalms: The Prayer Book of the Bible, discover the richness this book of Scripture held for Bonhoeffer, and learn to pray psalms along with Christ. First published in 1940, this classic reveals how the Psalms are essential to the life of the believer and offers Bonhoeffer's reflections on psalms of thanksgiving, suffering, guilt, praise, and lament. Now with an introduction by Walter Brueggemann and excerpts from the Psalms, Bonhoeffer's timeless work offers contemporary readers ancient wisdom and resources for the living of these days. Includes a biographical sketch of Bonhoeffer written by his friend and biographer Eberhard Bethge.

Author: Benito González Toscano, Genre: Self-Help, Total Page: , Publisher: Benito González Toscano, ISBN:

We must know that to build a strong and lasting relationship as a couple or spouse, we must have a good foundation, personally , emotionally and even rational. The latter passes unnoticed when some crisis is presented inside of our relationships and marriage. Especially when the couple or spouse with whom we share a whole ceases to be part of the cornerstone to become an obstacle or confrontation to overcome or survival of each part of the couple life. If we arrange the hair, face and even shoes every day, we do not fix the heart . The fact that say, we are as we are, is because we leave much to be desired, unable to overcome emotional paradigms, specifically when we are in crisis of couple or marriage, within ourselves there are much to explore either because we have emotional complexes or because we are giving us the excuse that we were born with that, as well as strong and tough character. To live as a couple, we have to learn to live with ourselves. If not, how do we share with another or other our happiness ? This book is about that, sharing, self-help , self-esteem, our couple.. happiness of married life, of being together ...

Author: Ruth Haley Barton, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 192, Publisher: InterVarsity Press, ISBN: 9780830896387

We've all been let down by so-called community. Why is it so hard for us to connect and grow together for the long haul? Veteran spiritual director Ruth Haley Barton helps us get personal and practical about experiencing transformation together. This interactive guide allows us to grow through and by the experience of transforming community.

Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 105, Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press, ISBN: 9781611642421

The cross and the resurrection were central themes for Bonhoeffer's theology. These excerpts from sermons and letters contain his personal and faithful words about the crucifixion and the power of the cross for all Christians. Meditations on the Cross is ideal for devotional reading and personal reference.

Author: Marva J. Dawn, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 242, Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, ISBN: 0802804578

This book invites the reader to experience the wholeness and joy that come from observing God's order for life--a rhythm of working six days and setting apart one day for rest, worship, festivity, and relationships. Dawn's work offers both motivation and methods for enjoying a special holy day.

Author: Elaine A Heath, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 118, Publisher: ISD LLC, ISBN: 9780718842970

Delving into the widespread, contemporary longing for a more serious and communal experience of Christianity, this book provides important theoretical underpinnings and casts a vision for a new monasticism within the Wesleyan tradition. Elaine Heathand Scott Kisker call for the planting of neo-monastic churches which embody the Wesleyan vision of holiness in postmodern contexts. This book also points toward some vital shifts that are necessary in theological education in order to equip pastorsto lead such communities. Longing for Spring helps Wesleyans of all stripes understand the theory and praxis necessary for planting neo-monastic communities as a new model of the church that is particularly important in the postmodern context. The authors write in an engaging, conversational style that is conversant with postmodern culture, yet thoroughly informed by critical research. Heath and Kisker boldly challenge the imagination of the church, both within and beyond Wesleyan traditions, to consider the possibility of revitalizing the church through the new monasticism.