Author: Colleen Hoover, Genre: FICTION, Total Page: 160, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9781501125713

When Warren becomes roommates with cold and calculating Bridgette, tempers flare, but Warren is intent on turning her passionate antagonism into passionate love.

Author: Colleen Hoover, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 384, Publisher: Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 9781476753164

When she discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her, Sydney, a 22-year-old college student, must decide what to do next, especially when she becomes captivated by her mysterious neighbor Ridge. Original.

Author: Colleen Hoover, Genre: , Total Page: 414, Publisher: Independently Published, ISBN: 1093389052

What is more important? Friendship, loyalty or love? Colleen Hoover and Griffin Peterson collaborate once again to bring fans of Maybe Someday back into the musical world of Ridge Lawson and Sydney Blake. And Maggie. And Warren and Bridgette.This full length novel is a follow-up to the New York Times bestselling novel, Maybe Someday. For the best reading experience, Maybe Now should be read after Maybe Someday and the spin-off novella, Maybe Not. However, Maybe Now can also be read immediately following Maybe Someday.

Author: Robert Fulghum, Genre: Self-Help, Total Page: 236, Publisher: Ballantine Books, ISBN: 9780307775986

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER I once began a list of the contradictory notions I hold: Look before you leap. He who hesitates is lost. Two heads are better than one. If you want something done right, do it yourself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Better safe than sorry. Out of sight, out of mind. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You can't tell a book by its cover. Clothes make the man. Many hands make light work. Too many cooks spoil the broth. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. It's never too late to learn. Never sweat the small stuff. God is in the details. And so on. The list goes on forever. Once I got so caught up in this kind of thinking that I wore two buttons on my smock when I was teaching art. One said, "Trust me, I'm a teacher." The other replied, "Question Authority." [signature] Fulghum

Author: Arianna Margulis, Genre: Humor, Total Page: 178, Publisher: Rodale Books, ISBN: 9780593136607

The creator of the Instagram sensation But Like Maybe takes us on an illustrated journey through her worst dating mistakes—a hilarious, hopeful guide to what you need to get wrong in love before you get it right. Arianna Margulis’s pen was set aflame when a boyfriend took her for a walk in Central Park. She was sneak-attack dumped because she “interfered with his meditation schedule.” After a few sobs, she found her way to a Sharpie, doodled the hilarity and the heartbreak, and But Like Maybe was born. As her cartoons became an Instagram cult hit, Arianna chronicled her misadventures through modern love via a crop-topped doppelganger, equal parts optimistic and anxious, who holds tight to the belief that bae is out there. Now, with 70 never-before-seen toons, her first book is a witty and winning primer on what not to do when dating. Inspired by all the ways Arianna’s gone wrong in her search for love, from planning matching outfits with her high school boyfriend without his knowledge to deplaning an aircraft because her crush texted, this charming and off-kilter anti-guide gently leads you to what matters: realizing that you’re already pretty awesome. With plenty of advice for recognizing and moving on when he’s just not that into you, Arianna shows how to not let a read receipt ruin your night, what to do when the slow fade commences, and how to flip the busy script on a guy. Dating can make the best of us a bit crazy. Keep this guide by your side so that the next time tequila urges you to text your ex, you can instead tell yourself . . . but like maybe don’t.

Author: Ralf König, Genre: Humor, Total Page: 132, Publisher: Northwest Press, ISBN:

Germany's most popular cartoonist tells the uproarious tale of a heterosexual man who may or may not stay that way. This book and its sequel were the basis for the largest grossing movie in German history. Translation by Jeff Krell, creator of Jayson. 138 pages, black-and-white. Released digitally by Northwest Press, which has been publishing quality LGBT-inclusive comics and graphic novels since 2010.

Author: Thomas Katt, Genre: Poetry, Total Page: 106, Publisher: L.J. Valente, ISBN: 9781530552269

Once I was described as too sweet and an attempt was made to compare me to a peanut butter cup...I thought for a moment...knowing far too well as what I should say but wanted to say it in maybe a rather clearer way...I said like a peanut butter cup am I...well let's sweet but also salty...and so this book began

Author: Ralf König, Genre: Humor, Total Page: 132, Publisher: Northwest Press, ISBN:

In this sequel to his best-selling graphic novel Maybe...Maybe Not, Ralf König tells us what happens once the honeymoon is over for newlyweds Axel and Doro—and how they once again cross paths (and lock horns) with Norbert and Waltrina. Could Axel really be cheating on his pregnant wife? With another man? Ralf König's screwiest comedy yet will have you saying "Maybe...Maybe Not Again!" 138 pages, black-and-white. Released digitally by Northwest Press, which has been publishing quality LGBT-inclusive comics and graphic novels since 2010.

Author: Mary G., Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 48, Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc., ISBN: 9781681973548

A personal account of real-life experiences lived through as best as possible at that time. This ultimately led later in life to many questions for an explanation to bring more clarity about herself. More is always revealed as the journey continues, which generates very deep and insightful thoughts about life issues. Are these spiritual experiences? Maybe. Or maybe not.

Author: Gary Revel, Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Total Page: 168, Publisher: Gary Revel, ISBN: 9781434826961

A Gary Revel Memoir: Details of the birth, youth, education, music, US Navy service, experiences in; San Diego/Hollywood, California, Memphis/Nashville, Tennesee. More: Playing poker with men in a rough and tumble southern juke joint is not the typical activity of a 10 year old boy but it was for Gary Revel. Dancing with waitresses to Rock & Roll, Blues and Country music coming from the jukebox was also part of his usual childs play. Once he accepted the request to associate in the investigation of the MLK assassination he started his journey that would eventually take him into Brushy Mountain Prison in Petros Tennessee to meet the supposed killer of Martin Luther King Jr., James Earl Ray. Danger, intrigue and murder followed as he entered the darkness of the investigation of the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination.