Author: Kim Heacox, Genre: History, Total Page: 372, Publisher: National Geographic Books, ISBN: 9781426215599

"Official companion, 2016 National Park Service centennial"--Jacket.

Author: Joel Anderson, Genre: , Total Page: 160, Publisher: Anderson Design Group, Incorporated, ISBN: 0996777709

A celebration of the 100 years of wilderness and wonder at the 59 National Parks.

Author: Creative Action Network, Genre: Art, Total Page: 192, Publisher: Chronicle Books, ISBN: 9781452149295

In homage to America’s National Parks and their iconic art posters, this volume features new artwork for seventy-five parks and monuments across all fifty states. “In this sepia-tinged homage” to the iconic National Parks posters “modern artists contribute dazzling new graphics” (Entertainment Weekly). From 1935 to 1943, the WPA’s Federal Art Project hired American artist to create posters celebrating the National Parks Service. The icon See America posters inspired Americans to fall in love with the country’s landmarks and wild spaces from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Gateway Arch and from the Grand Canyon to the Great Smokey Mountains. Originally published to coincide with the centennial anniversary of the National Parks Service, the Creative Action Network has partnered with the National Parks Conservation Association to revive and reimagine the legacy of WPA travel posters. Artists from all over the world participated in the creation of this new, crowdsourced collection of See America posters for a modern era.

Author: Tom McCarthy, Genre: History, Total Page: 192, Publisher: , ISBN: 173393040X

A Century of Impact celebrates the first 100 years of the National Parks Conservation Association, tracing its history and vision through stunning photography and tales of victory in a beautifully designed keepsake book. From its founding by the same visionaries who helped to create the National Park Service to present-day battles to protect our public lands, the National Parks Conservation Association has been the independent, non-partisan protector of America's favorite places. A Century of Impact presents this admirable legacy through richly illustrated tales of an impassioned organization in action - fighting off threats to park lands, water, air and wildlife, and advocating for a park system that tells a more complete American story. Readers will enjoy fascinating and often untold tales of park protection - such as saving Olympic's old-growth forests from WWII lumber production; restoring the endangered Florida panther in the greater Everglades ecosystem; keeping the nation's largest landfill from the doorstep of Joshua Tree; defeating a proposed casino sited within cannon range of the hallowed ground of Gettysburg - and an inside look at how persistent advocacy led to the creation of parks from Great Basin and Tallgrass Prairie to Pullman, Stonewall and Birmingham. With A Century of Impact, readers are invited to join NPCA's centennial celebration and discover how this humble organization has helped to shape the National Park System as we know it. More than that, it is a compelling reminder that the future of this nation's most sacred spaces lies in the hands of ordinary citizens, united to ensure that America's best idea endures for generations to come.

Author: Annette Bay Pimentel, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 40, Publisher: Triangle Interactive, Inc. , ISBN: 9781684447053

Read Along or Enhanced eBook: The true story of a Chinese American mountain man who fed thirty people for ten days in the wilderness--and helped inspire the creation of the National Park Service. Tie Sing was born in the mountains. The mountains were in his blood. But because he was of Chinese descent at a time in America when to be Chinese meant working in restaurants or laundries, Tie Sing’s prospects were limited. But he had bigger plans. He began cooking for mapmakers and soon built a reputation as the best trail cook in California. When millionaire Stephen Mather began his quest to create a national park service in 1915, he invited a group of influential men—writers, tycoons, members of Congress, and even a movie star—to go camping in the Sierras. Tie Sing was hired to cook. Tie Sing planned diligently. He understood the importance of this trip. But when disaster struck—twice!—and Tie Sing’s supplies were lost, it was his creative spirit and quick mind that saved the day. His sumptuous menus had to be struck and Tie Sing had to start over in order to feed the thirty people in the group for ten whole days. His skills were tested and Tie Sing rose to the challenge. On the last night, he fed not just the campers' bodies, but also their minds, reminding them to remember and protect the mountains. 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, created by Congress on August 25, 1916. Today, you can hike to Sing Peak, named for Tie Sing, in Yosemite National Park.

Author: American Revolution Bicentennial Administration, Genre: American Revolution Bicentennial, 1976, Total Page: 532, Publisher: , ISBN: PURD:32754062028505

Author: Dayton Duncan, Genre: History, Total Page: 226, Publisher: Yosemite Conservancy, ISBN: 9781930238428

It's now a given that Americans—and people the world over—would seek to preserve their sacred, special places. One hundred fifty years ago, however, it was definitely not a foregone conclusion that the awe-inspiring granite cliffs, astounding waterfalls, and sublime sequoias of Yosemite would be protected. This idea of preservation was the national park idea; an idea that started from a seed, a seed that was planted in Yosemite. It was through the efforts of people like James Mason Hutchings, Galen Clark, Frederick Law Olmsted, John Muir, and Theodore Roosevelt among others that the world learned of Yosemite, flocked to it, nearly destroyed it, and ultimately saved it. These fascinating characters and their remarkable stories are skillfully woven together in this beautiful volume, created expressly to capture the wonder of Yosemite and to inspire future generations to do their part for wild places.

Author: , Genre: Historic sites, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: WISC:89052508819

Author: Q. T. Luong, Genre: Photography, Total Page: 472, Publisher: Terra Galleria Press, ISBN: 1733576002

In 300 visits over 25 years, QT Luong ventured deep into each of America's 61 national parks. Art book and guidebook in one, Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey Through America's National Parks presents the photographer's explorations in a sumptuous gallery complemented with informative notes on nature, travel, and image making. Together, they invite photographers and nature lovers to trace his steps to both iconic landscapes and rarely seen remote views. Winner of six national book awards.

Author: Heather Hansen, Genre: History, Total Page: 352, Publisher: Mountaineers Books, ISBN: 9781594858895

•* Celebrates the dedicated men and women of our National Park Service (NPS) who have safeguarded the nation’s natural legacy for 100 years •* 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of the National Park Service •* 125 images including many archival photos Anyone who has stood beneath a redwood, neck craned to see its top rising far above; or who has heard ghostly whispers of residents long-past among the burnt-red cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde; or who has climbed the stairs to gaze out from the Statue of Liberty’s crown, would agree that our National Park system is a source of pride and wonder. But 100 years ago, creating a bureau to administer America’s vast and diverse parks was a concept requiring great debate and persuasion. The story of the National Park Service is the story of people who fought for the protection of the places that have helped to define our national identity, those places we now hold dear—from the blue hazy mist that hangs over Great Smokey Mountains National Park to the spouting geysers of Yellowstone to the thick, steamy waterways of the Everglades. The NPS founders were the architects of our family vacations, the inventors of icons with worldwide appeal. They battled “progress,” which often masked greed and ignorance, and their story continues with those who molded and grew the NPS through a flu pandemic, the Great Depression, World Wars, and beyond. Prophets and Moguls, Rangers and Rogues, Bison and Bears is the engaging and accessible story of the NPS that brings to life its history and characters. The result of extensive research, dozens of interviews with Park Service employees, and the author’s own experiences at park units she visited all over the country, it’s a highly readable history that connects the dots of past to present and will remind readers of the vast array of public assets administered by the NPS—resources which offer something for everyone and also need every citizen’s support.