Author: Eva Von Dassow, Genre: History, Total Page: 184, Publisher: Chronicle Books, ISBN: 0811864898

Reissue of the legendary 3,500-year-old Papyrus of Ani, the most beautiful of the ornately illustrated Egyptian funerary scrolls ever discovered, restored in its original sequences of text and artwork.

Author: Barry Kemp, Genre: History, Total Page: 128, Publisher: Granta Books, ISBN: 9781847087515

The Egyptians created a world of supernatural forces so vivid, powerful and inescapable that controlling one's destiny within it was a constant preoccupation. In life, supernatural forces manifested themselves through misfortune and illness,and after death were faced for eternity in the Otherworld, along with the divine gods who controlled the universe. The Book of the Dead empowered the reader to overcome the dangers lurking in the Otherworld and to become one with the gods who governed. Barry Kemp selects a number of spells to explore who and what the Egyptians feared and the kind of assistance that the Book offered them, revealing a relationship between the human individual and the divine quite unlike that found in the major faiths of the modern world.

Author: John H. Taylor, Genre: History, Total Page: 328, Publisher: Harvard University Press, ISBN: 0674057503

With contributions from leading scholars and detailed catalog entries that interpret the spells and painted scenes, this fascinating and important work affords a greater understanding of ancient Egyptian belief systems and poignantly reveals the hopes and fears about the world beyond death.

Author: Samuel Alfred Browne Mercer, Genre: Egyptian language, Total Page: 526, Publisher: Library of Alexandria, ISBN: 9781613101919

The Egyptian pyramid texts, which are the basis of this work, were collected and inscribed on the walls of five royal pyramids at Sakkareh between the years 2350 and 2175 B.C. The present work is the first English translation with commentary.

Author: E. A. Wallis Budge, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 42, Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand, ISBN: 9783734089909

Reproduction of the original: The Book of the Dead by E. A. Wallis Budge

Author: Sir Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge, Genre: Book of the dead, Total Page: 340, Publisher: , ISBN: HARVARD:TZ1TYV

Author: E. A. Wallis Budge, Genre: History, Total Page: 224, Publisher: Wellfleet Press, ISBN: 9780760353646

Presented in easy-to-understand sections, with this book you will discover the magic of ancient Egypt in this comprehensive translation of the real Egyptian Book of the Dead. Ancient EgyptianBook of the Dead is a compendium of classic texts by one of the greatest translators and historians of ancient Egypt, as well as one of the most renowned Egyptologists of all time, E.A. Wallis Budge. In Part I, using plain, simple, easy-to-understand language, Budge delves into the history, instructions, motifs, themes, spells, incantations, and charms written for the dead that ancient Egyptians would need to employ to pass from this world into the next. Throughout centuries, these "books of the dead man" were often found buried alongside mummies and inside tombs, which locals and grave robbers would collect. In Part II, Budge's classic translation of the Book of the Dead from the Papyrus of Ani (and others) is presented in its original format and contains the prayers, incantations, and ancient text used to help guide the dead during their journey. Finally, in Part III, a list of Egyptian deities is provided. Illustrated throughout with great care, including photos, fine art, and other illustrations, this edition will bring the historic afterlife guide back to life.

Author: Foy Scalf, Genre: Book of the dead, Total Page: 376, Publisher: Oriental Institute Press, ISBN: 1614910383

Discover how the ancient Egyptians controlled their immortal destiny! This book, edited by Foy Scalf, explores what the Book of the Dead was believed to do, how it worked, how it was made, and what happened to it.

Author: , Genre: History, Total Page: 223, Publisher: , ISBN: 1435123026

Gathers the religious and magical texts used in ancient Egypt to give the deceased a satisfactory afterlife and the power to leave his tomb when necessary.

Author: , Genre: Religion, Total Page: 192, Publisher: Chronicle Books, ISBN: 1452144389

For the first time in 3,300 years, The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day: The Papyrus of Ani is showcased in its entirety in seventy-four magnificent color pages. Maybe the most stunning presentation of this book in 3300 years: Upon death, it was the practice for some Egyptians to produce a papyrus manuscript called the Book of Going Forth by Day or the Book of the Dead. A Book of the Dead included declarations and spells to help the deceased in the afterlife. The Papyrus of Ani is the manuscript compiled for Ani, the royal scribe of Thebes. Written and illustrated almost 3,300 years ago, The Papyrus of Ani is a papyrus manuscript with cursive hieroglyphs and color illustrations. It is the most beautiful, best-preserved, and complete example of ancient Egyptian philosophical and religious thought known to exist. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is an integral part of the world's spiritual heritage. It is an artistic rendering of the mysteries of life and death. For the first time since its creation, this ancient papyrus is now available in full color with an integrated English translation directly below each image. This twentieth-anniversary edition of The Egyptian Book of the Dead has been revised and expanded to include: Significant improvements to the display of the images of the Papyrus. A survey of the continuing importance of ancient Egypt in modern culture. A detailed history of Egyptian translation and philology since the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799. And, a state-of-the-art Annotated Bibliography and Study Guide for Ancient Egyptian studies. As the third revised edition, the entire corpus of this critical work is given its most accessible and lavish presentation ever. Includes a detailed history of Egyptian scholarship, an annotated bibliography and study guide, and several improvements to the color plates. Makes an excellent gift for people interested in world history and ancient religions.