Author: Matthew Restall, Genre: History, Total Page: 476, Publisher: Stanford University Press, ISBN: 9780804765008

This pathbreaking work is a social and cultural history of the Maya peoples of the province of Yucatan in colonial Mexico, spanning the period from shortly after the Spanish conquest of the region to its incorporation as part of an independent Mexico. Instead of depending on the Spanish sources and perspectives that have formed the basis of previous scholarship on colonial Yucatan, the author aims to give a voice to the Maya themselves, basing his analysis entirely on his translations of hundreds of Yucatec Maya notarial documents—from libraries and archives in Mexico, Spain, and the United States—most of which have never before received scholarly attention. These documents allow the author to reconstruct the social and cultural world of the Maya municipality, or cah, the self-governing community where most Mayas lived and which was the focus of Maya social and political identity. The first two parts of the book examine the ways in which Mayas were organized and differentiated from each other within the community, and the discussion covers such topics as individual and group identities, sociopolitical organization, political factionalism, career patterns, class structures, household and family patterns, inheritance, gender roles, sexuality, and religion. The third part explores the material environment of the cah, emphasizing the role played by the use and exchange of land, while the fourth part describes in detail the nature and significance of the source documentation, its genres and its language. Throughout the book, the author pays attention to the comparative contexts of changes over time and the similarities or differences between Maya patterns and those of other colonial-era Mesoamericans, notably the Nahuas of central Mexico.

Author: Mary Ann Hoffman, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 30, Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc, ISBN: 1404251480

Presents an introduction to the concept of using computational skills in problem solving, and contains an overview of the history of the Mayan people of Mexico, including information on their society, economy, architecture, mathematics, and writing.

Author: Jill Rubalcaba, Genre: Mayas, Total Page: 161, Publisher: Infobase Publishing, ISBN: 9781438129525

Long before European boats reached the shores of the Americas, sophisticated civilizations had already developed throughout the continents. The empire of the Maya, located in modern Mexico and Central America, influenced civilization there for centuries. The ancient Maya had fully developed the idea of the calendar, detailed a writing system, pioneered new ideas in agriculture, and built towering palaces and temples that still stand today. Empire of the Ancient Maya gives a brief summary of the history of the empire, placing it within the context of its time period and geographical location, and then explores the evolution of Maya civilization from its origin through the classic period to the Spanish conquest. Delving into daily life, the book includes Maya achievements in mathematics, astronomy, technology, political organization, commerce, architecture, and the arts.

Author: Megan E. O’Neil, Genre: History, Total Page: 240, Publisher: Reaktion Books, ISBN: 9781789145519

An illuminating look at the myriad communities who have engaged with the ancient Maya over the centuries. This book reveals how the ancient Maya—and their buildings, ideas, objects, and identities—have been perceived, portrayed, and exploited over five hundred years in the Americas, Europe, and beyond. Engaging in interdisciplinary analysis, the book summarizes ancient Maya art and history from the preclassical period to the Spanish invasion, as well as the history of outside engagement with the ancient Maya, from Spanish invaders in the sixteenth century to later explorers and archaeologists, taking in scientific literature, visual arts, architecture, world’s fairs, and Indigenous activism. It also looks at the decipherment of Maya inscriptions, Maya museum exhibitions and artists’ responses, and contemporary Maya people’s engagements with their ancestral past. Featuring the latest research, this book will interest scholars as well as general readers who wish to know more about this ancient, fascinating culture.

Author: Ronald Wright, Genre: History, Total Page: 464, Publisher: Penguin, ISBN: 9780143198192

The Maya of Central America have been called the Greeks of the New World. In the first millennium ad, they created the most intellectually and artistically advanced civilization of the Americas. Throughout the ensuing centuries, as neighbouring empires fell in warfare and to the Spanish invasion, the Maya endured, shaken but never destroyed. In Time Among the Maya, Ronald Wright's journey takes him not only to the lands of the ancient Maya, but also among the five million people who speak Mayan languages and preserve a Mayan identity today. His travels begin in tiny Belize, exploring the jungles and mountains of Guatemala, bloodstained by civil war, and end in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. Embracing history, politics, anthropology, and literature, this book is both a fascinating travel memoir and the study of a civilization.

Author: Louise Spilsbury, Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Total Page: 50, Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP, ISBN: 9781538225561

Nestled in the rainforest, the Maya were an incredibly advanced civilization for their time. They created amazing inventions to help them thrive in such an intense environment. This book introduces their amazing culture, teaching readers about topics such as Maya beliefs, their daily life, and even the interesting games they played. Then, readers get the chance to examine artifacts left behind from the civilization and draw their own conclusions based on what they've learned so far. Readers are immersed in Maya culture, as they get to examine this prosperous civilization that existed so long ago.

Author: P. A. Faber, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 428, Publisher: iUniverse, ISBN: 9781469792118

According to Mayan prophecy, the world will end December 21, 2012. It is a mystery how the Mayans came to this conclusion; it is also a mystery how to stop certain doom. But in all their wisdom, is there a possibility that the Mayans knew how to postpone the end of the world? If so, could there be an ancient text that reveals the answer archaeologists seek? Anthropologist Kate OHara thinks so. She and a team of fellow academics stumble upon a mysterious Mayan codex while investigating in the Yucatan Peninsula. Before the codex can be authenticated, however, it disappears, and the team begins to receive death threats from a menacing secret society. Luckily, Kate already made a copy of the manuscript, and so begins the lengthy process of translation, despite the terrible danger to their lives. The codex reveals the story of Ahkan, a Maya shaman, and her cousin and soul mate, Took Pac, a priest of the Maya Temple of Kulkulkan. Took Pac discovered a secret text written by the Mayan king and prophet, Chan Bahlam II. Kate believes the answer to the worlds crisis may be found in the words of Chan Bahlam. Now she must try to translate the manuscript in timeand live long enough to share the good news with others.

Author: James D. Nations, Genre: Nature, Total Page: 363, Publisher: University of Texas Press, ISBN: 9780292713185

The Maya Tropical Forest, which occupies the lowlands of southern Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, is the closest rainforest to the United States and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Western Hemisphere. It has been home to the Maya peoples for nearly four millennia, starting around 1800 BC. Ancient cities in the rainforest such as Palenque, Yaxchilan, Tikal, and Caracol draw thousands of tourists and scholars seeking to learn more about the prehistoric Maya. Their contemporary descendants, the modern Maya, utilize the forest's natural resources in village life and international trade, while striving to protect their homeland from deforestation and environmental degradation. Writing for both visitors and conservationists, James Nations tells the fascinating story of how ancient and modern Maya peoples have used and guarded the rich natural resources of the Maya Tropical Forest. He opens with a natural history that profiles the forest's significant animals and plants. Nations then describes the Maya peoples, biological preserves, and major archaeological sites in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. Drawing on more than twenty-five years of conservation work in the Maya Tropical Forest, Nations tells first-hand stories of the creation of national parks and other protected areas to safeguard the region's natural resources and archaeological heritage. He concludes with an expert assessment of the forest's future in which he calls for expanded archaeological tourism to create an ecologically sustainable economic base for the region.

Author: , Genre: Manuscripts, Maya, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: IND:30000096151653

Author: Daniel Garrison Brinton, Genre: Chicxulub (Mexico), Total Page: 279, Publisher: , ISBN: OXFORD:590667840