Author: William Henry Chafe, Genre: History, Total Page: 612, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: 019515049X

This popular classic text chronicles America's roller-coaster journey through the decades since World War II. Considering both the paradoxes and the possibilities of post-war America, Chafe portrays the significant cultural and political themes that have colored our country's past and present, including issues of race, class, gender, foreign policy, and economic and social reform. He examines such subjects as the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement, the origins and the end of the Cold War, the culture of the 1970s, the Reagan years, the Clinton presidency, and the events of September 11th and their aftermath. In this edition, Chafe provides an insightful assessment of Clinton's legacy as president, particularly in light of his impeachment, and an entirely new chapter that examines the impact of two of America's most pivotal events of the twenty-first century: the 2000 presidential election turmoil and the September 11th terrorist attacks. Chafe puts forth an excellent account of George W. Bush's first year as president and also covers his subsequent role as a world leader following his administration's declared war on terrorism. The completely revised epilogue and updated bibliographic essay offer a compelling and controversial final commentary on America's past and its future. Brilliantly written by a prize-winning historian, the fifth edition of The Unfinished Journey is an essential text for all students of recent American history.

Author: William H. Chafe, Genre: United States, Total Page: , Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: 0190084766

"A higher education text on the history of the United States since World War II"--

Author: Thomas G. Weiss, Genre: Political Science, Total Page: 448, Publisher: Indiana University Press, ISBN: 9780253004154

In the 21st century, the world is faced with threats of global scale that cannot be confronted without collective action. Although global government as such does not exist, formal and informal institutions, practices, and initiatives—together forming "global governance"—bring a greater measure of predictability, stability, and order to trans-border issues than might be expected. Yet, there are significant gaps between many current global problems and available solutions. Thomas G. Weiss and Ramesh Thakur analyze the UN's role in addressing such knowledge, normative, policy, institutional, and compliance lapses. The UN's relationship to these five global governance gaps is explored through case studies of some of the most burning problems of our age, including terrorism, nuclear proliferation, humanitarian crises, development aid, climate change, human rights, and HIV/AIDS.

Author: William H. Chafe, Genre: History, Total Page: 662, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: 0199347999

Brilliantly written by a prize-winning historian, The Unfinished Journey, Eighth Edition, considers both the paradoxes and the possibilities of postwar America. William H. Chafe portrays the significant cultural and political themes that have colored our country's past and present, including issues of race, class, gender, foreign policy, and economic and social reform. He examines such subjects as the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, the origins and the end of the Cold War, the culture of the 1970s, the rise of the New Right, the events of September 11th and their aftermath, and various presidencies.

Author: Austen Ivereigh, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 256, Publisher: A&C Black, ISBN: 9780826484383

The Second Vatican Council, which ended thirty-five years ago, promised so much: a new vision of a reformed Church aware of its social, theological and ecumenical responsibilities; a truly conciliar Church with collegial structures. However, this vision seems to have evaporated and many of the promised reforms have been truncated or have not happened at all. The Vatican remains intensely bureaucratic. Theologians are silenced and the effect of clerical scandal seems to have led Church leaders to dig in and see the deposit of faith as something static. Once again the Church believes it has a monopoly on the truth and millions of people feel marginalized and excluded. Britain's long-established Catholic weekly, The Tablet , has fought for the spirit and values of Vatican II in a way that no other journal has done. It has criticised the Church (Humanae Vitae) and has condemned corruption, but has also supported the Church where it has been right to do so.These essays come from a truly international cast of contributors who cover the Church of Vatican II but above all give us prophesy of where this vision may still lead the Church and the people of God. This is a Church semper reformanda.

Author: Jeanne Allen, Genre: Education, Total Page: 236, Publisher: Xlibris Corporation, ISBN: 9781796076073

Inspired by love of country, her Italian heritage, and this nation’s ongoing quest to raise its children to aspire and achieve their greatest dreams, Jeanne Allen wrote An Unfinished Journey, which uniquely challenges us to think big about the education of our youth. The author—a well-known pioneer and veteran of education policy, politics, and culture—provides a compendium of powerful yet brief essays that will have parents, policy makers, and the general public both laughing and crying at the way the nation’s education institutions have developed or mishandled all that it takes to help children achieve their greatest potential. From musings on Columbus Day to how kids behave in school and from the role of parents to politicians, this book is a uniquely informative and instructive firsthand account of the people, policies, and players that have shaped American education and why it matters. Combining a fascinating personal story with political acumen from more than thirty years in the arena, Allen paves the road to finishing the journey to the American dream.

Author: Yehudi Menuhin, Genre: Musicians, Total Page: 499, Publisher: Vintage, ISBN: 0712668098

Yehudi Menuhin was a legend in his own time. Born in April 1916 in New York of Russian-Jewish parents, he made his extraordinary debut at the age of seven, playing Lalo' s notoriously difficult Symphonie espagnole with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. By the time he was eleven he had made historic debuts in Paris and New York, at twelve in Berlin and at thirteen in London, thus launching himself on a career that was to take him all over the world in the ensuing decades, playing with leading conductors and orchestras. Alongside his renown as a great musician, he is equally remembered for his committed humanitarianism, exemplified by his championship of young musicians and his work for international understanding and the many causes close to his synoptic mind and generous spirit. Yehudi Menuhin was made a life peer in 1993 after having received the Order of Merit from H.M. the Queen. Other honours include the Grand Cross of Merit from both Germany and Spain, the Grand Officier de la Legion d'Honneur from France and the Ordre de la Couronne from Belgium. He was an Honorary Doctor of thirty universities in different countries, including Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews and the Sorbonne. First published in 1976, Lord Menuhin's autobiography was updated by him and reissued in 1996. This is the first paperback publication of that edition, now supplemented by a preface by Christopher Hope and a concluding chapter by Michael Binyon. Unfinished Journey tells the full story and reflects the many and varied interests of one of the most gifted musicians and original intellects of the twentieth century.

Author: William E. Gibson, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 361, Publisher: State University of New York Press, ISBN: 9780791485576

Articles linking ecological sustainability and social justice.

Author: Greg Garrett, Genre: SOCIAL SCIENCE, Total Page: 257, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN: 9780190906252

"Hollywood films are perhaps the most powerful storytellers in American history, and their depiction of race and culture has helped to shape the way people around the world respond to race and prejudice. Over the past one hundred years, films have moved from the radically-prejudiced views of people of color to the depiction of people of color by writers and filmmakers from within those cultures. In the process, we begin to see how films have depicted negative versions of people outside the white mainstream, and how film might become a vehicle for racial reconciliation. Religious traditions offer powerful correctives to our cultural narratives, and this work incorporates both narrative truthtelling and religious truthtelling as we consider race and film and work toward reconciliation. By exploring the hundred-year period from The Birth of a Nation to Get Out, this work acknowledges the racist history of America, and offers the possibility of hope for the future"--

Author: Robin Feuer Miller, Genre: Literary Criticism, Total Page: 268, Publisher: Yale University Press, ISBN: 9780300120158

How does Dostoevsky’s fiction illuminate questions that are important to us today? What does the author have to say about memory and invention, the nature of evidence, and why we read? How did his readings of such writers as Rousseau, Maturin, and Dickens filter into his own novelistic consciousness? And what happens to a novel like Crime and Punishment when it is the subject of a classroom discussion or a conversation? In this original and wide-ranging book, Dostoevsky scholar Robin Feuer Miller approaches the author’s major works from a variety of angles and offers a new set of keys to understanding Dostoevsky’s world. Taking Dostoevsky’s own conversion as her point of departure, Miller explores themes of conversion and healing in his fiction, where spiritual and artistic transfigurations abound. She also addresses questions of literary influence, intertextuality, and the potency of what the author termed "ideas in the air.” For readers new to Dostoevsky’s writings as well as those deeply familiar with them, Miller offers lucid insights into his works and into their continuing power to engage readers in our own times.