Author: Michael Pennock, Genre: Education, Total Page: 384, Publisher: , ISBN: 1594711690

A resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of the two thousand-year history of the Catholic Church, highlights important events, people, trends, and teachings, and offers photographs, charts, and chronologies.

Author: Leo W. Collins, Genre: Boston (Mass.), Total Page: 199, Publisher: Leo Collins, ISBN:

The Seven Societies of the First Church in Boston, 1630. There are three reviews, and the publisher is The Society of the First Church in Boston.

Author: Maggie McLeod, Genre: , Total Page: 26, Publisher: , ISBN: 1770648038

Sometimes it is not so hard to say sorry. Sometimes it is very hard. What matters most is meaning it when you say it. You likely know what its like. You likely remember a time when someone said sorry to you. Maybe youve heard about a church saying sorry as well. One surprising year, the United Church of Canada people did just that. The church has members in Newfoundland, Yukon, and everywhere in between. The people who attend have Asian, Indigenous, African, and European ancestry Canadians are from everywhere! This is the story of why the United Church people apologized for the suffering caused by the Indian Residential Schools.

Author: Roger Scruton, Genre: History, Total Page: 300, Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd, ISBN: 9781782395041

For most people in England today, the church is simply the empty building at the end of the road, visited for the first time, if at all, when dead. It offers its sacraments to a population that lives without rites of passage, and which regards the National Health Service rather than the National Church as its true spiritual guardian. In Our Church, Scruton argues that the Anglican Church is the forlorn trustee of an architectural and artistic inheritance that remains one of the treasures of European civilization. He contends that it is a still point in the centre of English culture and that its defining texts, the King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer are the sources from which much of our national identity derives. At once an elegy to a vanishing world and a clarion call to recognize Anglicanism's continuing relevance, Our Church is a graceful and persuasive book.

Author: Sophie Koulomzin, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 196, Publisher: St Vladimir's Seminary Press, ISBN: 0881412740

This book is a re-release of a classic by a distinguished Orthodox Christian religious educator and a foundational read for Christian parents and educators. Koulomzin, who taught Religious Education at St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary from 1954 to 1973, writes as a laywoman, teacher, mother, and grandmother about the task of Christian education. The work is a remarkable compendium of her wisdom. The contents of the book comprise a deep understanding of children, a wise appropriation of educational and developmental theory, a lived knowledge of the Orthodox faith tradition, and a keen sense of Orthodox church life in America. The book is peppered with engaging anecdotes from her half-century of experience working with children in the Church. For Koulomzin, recognizing that children are full members of the Church was of utmost importance, and her life's vocation was encouraging others to see this. Among the key topics addressed in Our Church and Our Children are: the task of Christian education, developmental stages of children, Christian education in the family, the challenges and opportunities of the church school, and a vision and goals for the Christian teacher. It makes an excellent book for either group or personal study. Included in the re-release are a foreword, which gives a glimpse into her incredible personal life, a bibliography, and a chapter-by-chapter study guide.

Author: Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Genre: History, Total Page: 304, Publisher: Penguin, ISBN: 9781984880345

The instant New York Times bestseller and companion book to the PBS series. “Absolutely brilliant . . . A necessary and moving work.” —Eddie S. Glaude, Jr., author of Begin Again “Engaging. . . . In Gates’s telling, the Black church shines bright even as the nation itself moves uncertainly through the gloaming, seeking justice on earth—as it is in heaven.” —Jon Meacham, New York Times Book Review From the New York Times bestselling author of Stony the Road and one of our most important voices on the African American experience comes a powerful new history of the Black church as a foundation of Black life and a driving force in the larger freedom struggle in America. For the young Henry Louis Gates, Jr., growing up in a small, residentially segregated West Virginia town, the church was a center of gravity—an intimate place where voices rose up in song and neighbors gathered to celebrate life's blessings and offer comfort amid its trials and tribulations. In this tender and expansive reckoning with the meaning of the Black Church in America, Gates takes us on a journey spanning more than five centuries, from the intersection of Christianity and the transatlantic slave trade to today’s political landscape. At road’s end, and after Gates’s distinctive meditation on the churches of his childhood, we emerge with a new understanding of the importance of African American religion to the larger national narrative—as a center of resistance to slavery and white supremacy, as a magnet for political mobilization, as an incubator of musical and oratorical talent that would transform the culture, and as a crucible for working through the Black community’s most critical personal and social issues. In a country that has historically afforded its citizens from the African diaspora tragically few safe spaces, the Black Church has always been more than a sanctuary. This fact was never lost on white supremacists: from the earliest days of slavery, when enslaved people were allowed to worship at all, their meetinghouses were subject to surveillance and destruction. Long after slavery’s formal eradication, church burnings and bombings by anti-Black racists continued, a hallmark of the violent effort to suppress the African American struggle for equality. The past often isn’t even past—Dylann Roof committed his slaughter in the Mother Emanuel AME Church 193 years after it was first burned down by white citizens of Charleston, South Carolina, following a thwarted slave rebellion. But as Gates brilliantly shows, the Black church has never been only one thing. Its story lies at the heart of the Black political struggle, and it has produced many of the Black community’s most notable leaders. At the same time, some churches and denominations have eschewed political engagement and exemplified practices of exclusion and intolerance that have caused polarization and pain. Those tensions remain today, as a rising generation demands freedom and dignity for all within and beyond their communities, regardless of race, sex, or gender. Still, as a source of faith and refuge, spiritual sustenance and struggle against society’s darkest forces, the Black Church has been central, as this enthralling history makes vividly clear.

Author: Molly Phinney Baskette, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 228, Publisher: The Pilgrim Press, ISBN: 9780829820164

"This is a practical manual of everything our church did," says author Molly Phinney Baskette, "to reverse our death spiral and become the healthy, stable, spirited and robust community it is today evident in the large percentage of children and young adults in our church, and a sixfold increase in pledged giving in the last decade." Baskette, pastor of First Church Somerville UCC in the Boston area, strongly believes her church's strategies will work for any church, in any setting, regardless of denomination, demographics, and political landscape. Here, in her new book, Real Good Church: How Our Church Came Back from the Dead, and Yours Can, Too, she shares everything her church did, addressing topics such as: outreach and growth strategies, finances and giving, creative worship, including personal testimony and corporate prayer, church conflict and change, anxiety and humor, and much more.

Author: John Needham, Genre: Bible, Total Page: 60, Publisher: , ISBN: OXFORD:N11705004

Author: Richard Storrs Willis, Genre: Church music, Total Page: 152, Publisher: , ISBN: HARVARD:AH3CUV

Author: Lindsey Blair, Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Total Page: 32, Publisher: Christian Focus, ISBN: 1845505522

Through rhyme and engaging illustrations this book shows parents and children what God's plans are for worshipping him in their home.