Author: Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks, Genre: History, Total Page: 560, Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education, ISBN: 9781319070267

The lively and accessible narrative and the hallmark focus on social and cultural history that has made A History of World Societies one of the most successful textbooks for the world history course is now available in a lower price format. The two-color Value Edition includes the full narrative, the popular "Individuals in Society" feature, and select images and maps.

Author: John P. McKay, Genre: History, Total Page: 1198, Publisher: Macmillan, ISBN: 9780312666910

A History of World Societies introduces students to the global past through social history and the stories and voices of the people who lived it. The book’s regional and comparative approach helps students understand the connections of global history while providing a manageable organization. With global connections and comparisons, documents, features and activities that teach historical analysis.

Author: Joseph Henrich, Genre: Psychology, Total Page: 704, Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, ISBN: 9780374710453

A New York Times Notable Book of 2020 A Bloomberg Best Non-Fiction Book of 2020 A Behavioral Scientist Notable Book of 2020 A Human Behavior & Evolution Society Must-Read Popular Evolution Book of 2020 A bold, epic account of how the co-evolution of psychology and culture created the peculiar Western mind that has profoundly shaped the modern world. Perhaps you are WEIRD: raised in a society that is Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic. If so, you’re rather psychologically peculiar. Unlike much of the world today, and most people who have ever lived, WEIRD people are highly individualistic, self-obsessed, control-oriented, nonconformist, and analytical. They focus on themselves—their attributes, accomplishments, and aspirations—over their relationships and social roles. How did WEIRD populations become so psychologically distinct? What role did these psychological differences play in the industrial revolution and the global expansion of Europe during the last few centuries? In The WEIRDest People in the World, Joseph Henrich draws on cutting-edge research in anthropology, psychology, economics, and evolutionary biology to explore these questions and more. He illuminates the origins and evolution of family structures, marriage, and religion, and the profound impact these cultural transformations had on human psychology. Mapping these shifts through ancient history and late antiquity, Henrich reveals that the most fundamental institutions of kinship and marriage changed dramatically under pressure from the Roman Catholic Church. It was these changes that gave rise to the WEIRD psychology that would coevolve with impersonal markets, occupational specialization, and free competition—laying the foundation for the modern world. Provocative and engaging in both its broad scope and its surprising details, The WEIRDest People in the World explores how culture, institutions, and psychology shape one another, and explains what this means for both our most personal sense of who we are as individuals and also the large-scale social, political, and economic forces that drive human history. Includes black-and-white illustrations.

Author: Laura Morgan Roberts, Genre: Business & Economics, Total Page: 256, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781317745136

This book unites the latest research in diversity, inclusion, and positive organizational scholarship (POS), to investigate diversity and inclusion dynamics in social systems. Comprised of succinct chapters from thought leaders in the field, this book covers both micro- and macro-levels of analysis, covering topics such as authenticity, mentorship, intersectional identity work, positive deviance, resilience, resource cultivation and utilization, boundary-spanning leadership, strengths-based development, positive workplace interventions to promote well-being, inclusive strategic planning, and the role of diversity in innovation.

Author: John P. McKay, Genre: History, Total Page: 1082, Publisher: Macmillan, ISBN: 9780312668877

Based on the highly successful A History of Western Society, Understanding Western Society: A Brief History captures students’ interest in the everyday life of the past and ties social history to the broad sweep of politics and culture. Abridged by 30%, the narrative is paired with innovative pedagogy, designed to help students focus on significant developments as they read and review. An innovative, three-step end-of-Chapter study guide helps students master key facts and move toward synthesis. Read the preface.

Author: Ellen Hazelkorn, Genre: Education, Total Page: 348, Publisher: Taylor & Francis, ISBN: 9781317574071

Global rankings and the Geopolitics of Higher Education is an examination of the impact and influence that university rankings have had on higher education, policy and public opinion in recent years. Bringing together some of the most informed authorities on this very complex issue, this edited collection of specially commissioned chapters examines the changes affecting higher education and the implications for society and the economy. Split into four interrelated sections, this book covers: The development of rankings in higher education, how they have impacted upon both the production of knowledge and its geography, and their influence in shaping policymaking. Overviews of the significance of rankings for higher education systems in Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, South America, India and North America. An analysis of rankings in relation to key concerns that pervade contemporary higher education. Examination of the role rankings are likely to play in the future directions for higher education. This is a significant scholarly work that analyses in depth an important development in higher education systems, and which is likely to have an important influence upon how we understand the higher education policy-making process – past, present and future. It provides new analysis and conceptual understanding for researchers, and firm evidence for policy makers to use when addressing the value of rankings in measuring the quality of their institutions. Besides bringing together a powerful cast of academics, this book incorporates contributions from heads of important international higher education organisations – from both those involved in making and also in administering key decisions. This timely, reflective and accessible book forms crucial reading for those studying the subject of rankings, as well as the broader implications and unintended consequences of rankings on national higher education policies. Extending beyond academic researchers and students, this book will also be of significant interest to policymakers, higher education leaders and key stakeholders.

Author: John P. McKay, Genre: History, Total Page: 1092, Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education, ISBN: 9781457695094

Understanding Western Society, Second Edition, features a brief, question-drive narrative that models for students the inquiry-based methods used by historians and helps students understand what’s really important to know about Western civilization.

Author: Nandita Babu, Genre: Psychology, Total Page: 356, Publisher: SAGE Publishing India, ISBN: 9789391370862

Understanding Vulnerabilities in Contemporary Society: Psychological Insights and Reflections explores the constructs of ‘vulnerability’, with an aim to move beyond the linguistic and normative appropriation of the word. It does this by uncovering diverse life experiences of varied individuals and communities who have largely remained unseen and unheard. With dynamically transitioning sociocultural circumstances, the boundaries demarcating the included versus the excluded, the accepted versus the unacceptable other, the endeared versus the disparaged continue to multiply. As we struggle with these numerous identities and categories, we are forced to encounter compounded vulnerabilities. The book explores the various ways in which an individual encounters and even embraces vulnerability in order to ensure survival. To help readers arrive at a broad understanding of the many underlying concerns, the book explores diverse issues such as gender, sexuality, adolescence, child abuse, exploitation, forced migration and homelessness. Based on rigorous empirical work, using traditional and alternative approaches to inquiry, the book provides critical insights for psychosocial and clinical interventions and will especially be of interest to psychologists, therapists and counsellors.

Author: Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks, Genre: History, Total Page: 736, Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education, ISBN: 9781319070274

The lively and accessible narrative and the hallmark focus on social and cultural history that has made A History of World Societies one of the most successful textbooks for the world history course is now available in a lower price format. The two-color Value Edition includes the full narrative, the popular "Individuals in Society" feature, and select images and maps.

Author: David Howes, Genre: Social Science, Total Page: 208, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781317929475

Ways of Sensing is a stimulating exploration of the cultural, historical and political dimensions of the world of the senses. The book spans a wide range of settings and makes comparisons between different cultures and epochs, revealing the power and diversity of sensory expressions across time and space. The chapters reflect on topics such as the tactile appeal of medieval art, the healing power of Navajo sand paintings, the aesthetic blight of the modern hospital, the role of the senses in the courtroom, and the branding of sensations in the marketplace. Howes and Classen consider how political issues such as nationalism, gender equality and the treatment of minority groups are shaped by sensory practices and metaphors. They also reveal how the phenomenon of synaesthesia, or mingling of the senses, can be seen as not simply a neurological condition but a vital cultural mode of creating social and cosmic interconnections. Written by leading scholars in the field, Ways of Sensing provides readers with a valuable and engaging introduction to the life of the senses in society.