Author: Daniel Hardy, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 432, Publisher: A&C Black, ISBN: 9780567190109

This book is devoted to recovering the truth and vitality of Christian faith by attempting to trace the ways of God with the modern world. Professor Hardy contends that the profundity of God's interaction with the world, despite centuries of valuable contemplation, can best be understood by addressing those aspects of human thought which often give modern life its vitality. These are the very features with which theology has tended to lose touch, but which here are explored as areas in which the character and purposes of God may be manifest. Following the example of the great eras of theological understanding in the past, this book seeks a new and deeper synthesis of faith, theology and other disciplined forms of life and thought to recover the dynamic of God's life and work in and from them. As it does so, it concentrates on the heartlands of Christian faith: worship; the Triune God; and the activity of God in the world, in language and cultures, in cosmology and the human being, in society and the form of the Church, and in the forms of human understanding - scientific, historical, cultural, religious and theological. The result is an uncompromising study which attempts to show the possibilities for a theology which becomes more fully realised by discovering and following the ways of God with the modern world.

Author: Samuel Fleischacker, Genre: Philosophy, Total Page: , Publisher: Oxford University Press, ISBN: 9780191617256

Samuel Fleischacker defends what the Enlightenment called 'revealed religion': religions that regard a certain text or oral teaching as sacred, as wholly authoritative over one's life. At the same time, he maintains that revealed religions stand in danger of corruption or fanaticism unless they are combined with secular scientific practices and a secular morality. The first two parts of Divine Teaching and the Way of the World argue that the cognitive and moral practices of a society should prescind from religious commitments — they constitute a secular 'way of the world', to adapt a phrase from the Jewish tradition, allowing human beings to work together regardless of their religious differences. But the way of the world breaks down when it comes to the question of what we live for, and it is this that revealed religions can illumine. Fleischacker first suggests that secular conceptions of why life is worth living are often poorly grounded, before going on to explore what revelation is, how it can answer the question of worth better than secular worldviews do, and how the revealed and way-of-the-world elements of a religious tradition can be brought together.

Author: Martha E. Banks Ph.D., Genre: Psychology, Total Page: 954, Publisher: ABC-CLIO, ISBN: 9780313346057

In this three-volume set, experts from around the world spotlight the latest research on physical and psychological disabilities, as well as the social, legal, and political issues that come to bear on those people affected. These authors teach us what the disabilities are, how common they have become, what challenges people with disabilities face, what treatments are available, and whether new promising efforts for rehabilitation are on the horizon. We also learn, in these volumes, about social actions that have advanced human rights for people with disabilities in countries around the world. Yet, we learn that in these same countries, discriminatory actions against people with disabilities continue to occur. The impact of different cultural beliefs about disability are explored and these beliefs are juxtaposed against legislative responses. In all three volumes, people with disabilities share their personal narratives about events they have faced in society. They provide rich examples of how culture, social interactions, and legislation can impact on people.

Author: Oswal - Gurukul, Genre: Education, Total Page: 480, Publisher: Oswal Publishers, ISBN: 9789391184322

Author: Mark Braaten, Genre: Religion, Total Page: 257, Publisher: Liturgical Press, ISBN: 9780814663608

New Edition with Discussion Questions and a Critique of the Rapture How can Christians today understand the book of Revelation and its meaning and implications for our lives? Mark Braaten, a pastor and scholar who has spent years studying and teaching Revelation, answers the many questions that arise when modern readers enter this ancient text. Originally written in response to his dad's request to have a good introductory text, this book avoids complicated theological jargon and popularized misapplications of the book of Revelation and leads readers to join the holy choir in singing, "Come, Lord Jesus." This new edition adds: An essay that argues why the concept of a rapture is an egregious misreading of Revelation. A short study guide with discussion questions for each chapter.

Author: Donald Austin, Genre: Philosophy, Total Page: 698, Publisher: iUniverse, ISBN: 9780595531455

Henri Bergson was a great French philosopher whose life overlapped that of Charles Darwin. He had serious concerns about Darwins atheistic concept of man and animals evolution. Bergson also presented ideas of Intelligent Design almost 200 years prior to it's regeneration in the 20th century. My book separates God from Evolution of the cosmos and all it contains by espousing the "elan vitale" as "of God" and the true creater of the Universe. To Permissions Department: To complete my book I need permission to insert portions from your Republishing organization of "Science" 2003 Author/Editor Mohamed A.F. Noor, Publisher Nature Publishing Company, an article Donald C. Austin, MD [email protected]

Author: Theresa Enos, Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines, Total Page: 828, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781135816063

First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Author: Prof. Anthony Stacey, Genre: Reference, Total Page: , Publisher: Academic Conferences and publishing limited, ISBN: 9781912764211

Author: Rachel McClean, Genre: Business, Total Page: 573, Publisher: Academic Conferences Limited, ISBN: 9781908272836

Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Research Methods in Bolton, UK, on 28-29 June 2011

Author: Neal Dreamson, Genre: Education, Total Page: 218, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9781315439341

Most existing books in the fields of multicultural or intercultural education have been written based on anthropologists’ cultural dimensions, which presume culture is a fixed entity. Reinventing Intercultural Education is the first book to review multiple cultures and religions from a metaphysical understanding. It argues that intercultural value interactions can be managed and taught in a way that facilitates individuals to reveal how they are metaphysically positioned within intercultural value networks. This book proposes a metaphysical understanding of interculturality, by reviewing popular cultural and religious narratives found in multicultural society. By doing so, it develops an alternative pedagogy for multicultural education founded on the concept of intercultural hermeneutics. Beginning with a critical review of multicultural policies and existing models of multicultural education, Dreamson advocates the necessity of an intercultural approach to multicultural education. He then moves on to argue for the methodological aspects of interculturality by reviewing and adopting philosophical hermeneutics theories. Throughout the book, it is argued that values incarnated as a cultural framework are networked and interact via our minds to sustain our intercultural realities. Furthermore, when intercultural interactions transpire, which is the goal of multicultural education, we can see a larger part of the world that, in turn, helps us cultivate ourselves for further intercultural interactions. The book should be of great interest to academics, researchers and postgraduate students engaged in the study of multicultural education, the philosophy of education, religious pluralism, religious education, cultural studies, theology and indigenous education.