Author: James A. Pritchard, Genre: History, Total Page: 432, Publisher: U of Nebraska Press, ISBN: 9781496233059

In this new edition James A. Pritchard has added a summary of recent developments in wildlife science and management and discusses historical continuities in the role of Yellowstone Park as a wildlife refuge and conservator.

Author: Florian Schulz, Genre: Photography, Total Page: 204, Publisher: Braided River, ISBN: 1594851042

"It's not only a feast for the eye--Florian Schulz is a fine young nature-wildlife photographer--but a challenge to those of us who live in a not-yet-used corner of he planet." (Seattle P-I)A grizzly bear emerges, one small detail in an immense vista of field and mountains and sky. A shoreline, still and empty but for the telltale tracks of passing wildlife. Golden peaks that roll to the horizon, starkly beautiful in the morning light. This kind of space, of solitude-of simple wildness-still exists in North America, outside the boundaries of any park.Photographer Florian Schulz documents the landscape, plants, animals, and people of an eco-system that is surprisingly intact up and down the spine of the Rocky Mountains. There is still time to make a difference: to direct the path of encroaching development and establish connections between the national and provincial parks on this course.Essay contributors--including Dvid Suzuki, David Quammen, Rick Bass, Ted Kerasote and Roberts F. Kennedy Jr.-- tell of their travels through the region and their experience of the land. They explain the need for Y2Y, based on new findings that reveal isolated nature sanctuaries to be a recipe for extinction. They set the Y2Y conservation program in context: a grand vision grounded on science; a practical plan that provides for economic as well as environmental sustainability; a blueprint designating critical wildlife habitat. Environmental conservation does not mean that humansmust be excluded from the land, but we must act thoughtfully.For more information about the author, visit his web site at

Author: , Genre: Yellowstone National Park, Total Page: , Publisher: , ISBN: NYPL:33433082399308

Author: Hugh McCormick Smith, Genre: Fishes, Total Page: 32, Publisher: , ISBN: UIUC:30112101028931

Author: Hiram Martin Chittenden, Genre: NATURE, Total Page: 482, Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015002258484

Illustrated with maps, views and portraits, this 19th-century guide to Yellowstone National Park was written by a member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers responsible for several bridges and other structures in the park.

Author: Frederic Remington, Genre: , Total Page: 314, Publisher: , ISBN: HARVARD:32044014455315

Author: Douglas W. Smith, Genre: Nature, Total Page: 344, Publisher: University of Chicago Press, ISBN: 9780226728483

In 2020, it will have been twenty-five years since one of the greatest wildlife conservation and restoration achievements of the twentieth century took place: the reintroduction of wolves to the world’s first national park, Yellowstone. Eradicated after the park was established, then absent for seventy years, these iconic carnivores returned to Yellowstone in 1995 when the US government reversed its century-old policy of extermination and—despite some political and cultural opposition—began the reintroduction of forty-one wild wolves from Canada and northwest Montana. In the intervening decades, scientists have studied their myriad behaviors, from predation to mating to wolf pup play, building a one-of-a-kind field study that has both allowed us to witness how the arrival of top predators can change an entire ecosystem and provided a critical window into impacts on prey, pack composition, and much else. Here, for the first time in a single book, is the incredible story of the wolves’ return to Yellowstone National Park as told by the very people responsible for their reintroduction, study, and management. Anchored in what we have learned from Yellowstone, highlighting the unique blend of research techniques that have given us this knowledge, and addressing the major issues that wolves still face today, this book is as wide-ranging and awe-inspiring as the Yellowstone restoration effort itself. We learn about individual wolves, population dynamics, wolf-prey relationships, genetics, disease, management and policy, newly studied behaviors and interactions with other species, and the rippling ecosystem effects wolves have had on Yellowstone’s wild and rare landscape. Perhaps most importantly of all, the book also offers solutions to ongoing controversies and debates. Featuring a foreword by Jane Goodall, beautiful images, a companion online documentary by celebrated filmmaker Bob Landis, and contributions from more than seventy wolf and wildlife conservation luminaries from Yellowstone and around the world, Yellowstone Wolves is a gripping, accessible celebration of the extraordinary Yellowstone Wolf Project—and of the park through which these majestic and important creatures once again roam.

Author: Frank Ferris, Genre: History, Total Page: 96, Publisher: Arcadia Publishing, ISBN: 9781439653661

The fastest way to travel long distances in the beginning of the 20th century was by railroad. Railroad companies competed to attract business and vacationing travellers by advertising in brochures and issuing postcards. The postcards included railroad logos and descriptions of Western adventures that travellers would experience by booking with a particular rail line. The Northern Pacific Railroad and Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad have provided some of the most captivating images of the unique Yellowstone National Park (YNP) hydrologic, geologic, and geothermal features. The Union Pacific Railroad built the full-scale Old Faithful Lodge at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915; the National Park Service data show the YNP attendance more than doubled in that year. Both the Union Pacific Railroad and Burlington Route provided high-quality postcards to promote their routes to visit YNP. The Burlington Route and Northern Pacific Railroad included American Indian–related postcards for diversity.

Author: Hiram Martin Chittenden, Genre: Fiction, Total Page: 330, Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand, ISBN: 9783734039140

Reproduction of the original: The Yellowstone National Park by Hiram Martin Chittenden

Author: United States. Department of the Interior, Genre: Yellowstone National Park, Total Page: 30, Publisher: , ISBN: UOM:39015058615090